Google plans to bring AI to hospitals

Google plans to bring AI to hospitals

Med-PALM 2, Google’s artificial intelligence (AI), designed for specialized use in medical scenarios, in trial phase by Mayo Clinic in the United States with a view to expand its resources, land and improve treatment Is. patients, especially in countries and communities where access to health institutions and professionals is almost non-existent.

Google informs that this new system is different from everything else currently on the market because it was built not only with a generative language trained with texts, but also with a database dedicated to the practice of medicine. .

Med-Palm has the capability to establish interaction with humans who can consult AI about their health problems so that any condition can be timely identified and treated by professionals. The program will provide specialized medical care in an expedited manner but specialists will be in charge of giving a definitive diagnosis.

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it is softwareHowever, this creates concern in the population as the Med-Palm 2 will operate under information provided by patients who fear that their private data will be shared or viewed by anyone.

The executives ensure that all information shared by patients during the testing phase of the new AI will remain under patients’ control and will remain encrypted.

So far software It is in testing phase and it is not known exactly when it will be released in US or global market. However, it holds the promise of providing a positive way forward for the medical world and patients who do not have such easy access to it.

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