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Monday, March 8, 2021

Google’s popular service end on February 24, transfer data, learn how

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The giant technology company Google discontinued its Google Play Music service in December. Google Play Music is a popular app found on most Android smartphones, used to listen to music and audio files. Now 9 to 5 According to a report by Google, users using this app only have until February 24 to transfer their data. Apart from transfer, users can also download and delete data. If users are unable to do this by 24, then all data will be automatically deleted.

Play Music replaces YouTube Music
After the Play Music app closed in December, let us know that Google has given users the convenience of the YouTube Music (YouTube Music) app. Through this app, you can listen to songs on your phone as well as songs on youtube. That is, it is even more advanced than play music. Not only this, users are also allowed to transfer play music data to YouTube music.

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How to transfer play music data
Through this process you can transfer your Play Music account, library and membership to YouTube Music.
For this you need to go to music.youtube.com/transfer in your browser‌. Here you will see the transfer option, click on it.
After this the data transfer begins. The time it takes depends on the size of your data.

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You will be notified by email and mobile notifications upon completion of the transfer.
This allows you to transfer saved songs, settings, subscriptions, likes, dislikes and playlists with a single click.
You will be subscribed to YouTube Music according to your current Play Music subscription.


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