Government of Colombia: Armed Group Decree Armistice


BOGOTÁ ( Associated Press) – Several illegal armed groups in Colombia have decided on a ceasefire as part of a potential peace talks promoted by Gustavo Petro’s government or a desire to participate in the pursuit of a devotion to justice.

The peace commissioner, Danilo Rueda, told the press on Wednesday that several groups have joined in complying with the government’s request “not to kill, not to disappear and not to torture.”

Among them are several factions of the former Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) that did not accept the peace deal signed in 2016 between the state and what was the oldest guerrilla in Latin America.

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On the one hand, the self-proclaimed “Central General Staff” of the FARC-EP—as the extinct guerrilla was originally called—and the “Second Marquetlia”, led by the nickname “Ivan Marquez”, was number two. FARC and one of the former peace accord negotiators who later took up arms.

Rueda assured that Colombia’s Gatanista Self-Defense Forces, or Clan del Golfo, dedicated to drug trafficking and the descendants of paramilitary forces, recently responded to the extradition of their former chief, Derro Antonio Isuga, to the United States. increased its criminal activity. An armistice David, known as “Othniel”.

The officer confirmed the ceasefire declaration by the Sierra’s Self-Defense Conquerors, also known as Los Pachenacas, the successors of paramilitary groups operating in the north of the country. His statement was issued on Monday in a statement in which he called on the Petro government to “guarantees in the process”, the end of military operations against them and the cancellation of the arrest warrants of their top leaders.

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Petro, who was a guerrilla fighter in his youth and laid down his arms after a peace deal, had a week ago raised the prospect of securing a multilateral ceasefire with various illegal groups.

However, the state has not ordered a multilateral ceasefire. Defense Minister Ivan Velasquez said at an official event a week ago that military and police forces continue to fight organized crime and that the pursuit of peace with armed groups does not mean inaction or the state’s military lowering its guard.


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