Government reforms return to the public sector in Congress this week


The Congress of the Republic resumes its activities this Friday, February 16, aimed at the National Government’s package of social reform projects. Who will face this first half of 2024 as a litmus test for his future, as they are his message and the banner of his political campaign?

This new legislature comes at a time when, according to analysts, the government in the Congress of the Republic has weakened. Factors such as the new political map after last year’s regional elections could add pressure.

“In the elections of October last year, there was a new balance of regional powers with new regional governments in Bogotá, Barranquilla, Cali, and Medellín, which are not supporters of the government of President Petro, and in this sense, that balance of regional political forces is also very important for politicians and especially Congressmen. It is going to happen that Congress’s path is not the best or easiest for the government. said Camilo Cuervo, partner at Holland & Knight.

For Cuervo, the current environment in Congress is not the best for the national government, and he is going to focus his efforts on approving health reform and partial pension reform. check this out As an effort to gauge political capabilities to advance your projects and the rest of the bills you want to promote, such as the tax reform of 2024, offers to education, the judicial branch, or public services.

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“The government not only has these three projects; it also has three or four more projects. Let’s say, they arouse interest in the government, and I believe it does not have the political capabilities at the moment to do so. Raven said.

This is how reforms move forward.

After its approval in the Plenary Session of the House of Representatives, the Health Reform will continue its process in the Seventh Commission of the Senate of the Republic. The document, which is one of the most controversial in public opinion, greenlighted 133 articles, including new ones, and removed 10.

Among what was approved, changes in the health model were prominent: C. With the formalization of priority care centres, CAPS; EPS’s transition to health and life managers; And the administrative work that will be done near the address,

One of the main criticisms the bill has received is the lack of fiscal support from the Finance Ministry, an entity that has only submitted a feasibility study. It is expected to generate a cost of $929 billion in 2024, increase to $7 trillion in 2025, and continue to increase in subsequent years until reaching $10.78 trillion in 2027. Dattis’ legal team noted this in a study.

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If the project progresses this far, As for the Seventh Commission, at the Senate Plenary Session, demands are expected from various sectors, so the Constitutional Court’s final decision on articles will be his.

Currently, the text is already in the Seventh Commission of this body. Before their discussion, the Senate holds public hearings as part of socialization.

Labor reform

After the health reform passed in the full session of the House of Representatives, R. Discussion started on other projects, including labor reforms.

One of the things that was approved in the first debate is the obligation of domestic platforms to pay social contributions. The night shift starts at 7:00 p.m., and the Sunday and holiday surcharge increases up to 100%.

There will be a longer period for discussion on this document until June 20, 2025. As long as the first debate is approved before June 20 this year.

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Discussion on pension reform project will resume on February 16 A decision celebrated by Labor Minister Gloria Ines Ramirez late last year when Congress resumes session. However, differences of opinion persist among members of Congress on this text.

As per the endorsement provided by the Ministry of Finance, it is one of the few documents that exists. The new model proposed by the articles would generate savings up to 2070 and would require further improvement from there.

Ricardo Bonilla stopped the process of new tax

Finance Minister Ricardo Bonilla has made two announcements. In January, the government blocked the government’s second tax reform so that it would not hinder progress on other major projects in Congress.

And, talking about the exact resources, last week he said that money for the metro is guaranteed, but how much is to be given is being analyzed. , The level of strategic importance has never been removed, which needs to be examined if what is planned to be delivered this year should be delivered given the level of delay in the work,” she Said.


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