Government to monitor security situations of 421 companies during the first quarter of the year

Government to monitor security situations of 421 companies during the first quarter of the year

The Employment Department will implement during the first three months of this year 421 visits to construction and industrial companies to check it They respect occupational health and safety measures, This work will be done by Technicians of the Balearic Institute dedicated to these subjects (IBASSAL)As announced by the Minister today Alejandro Sanz de San Pedro With the Director General of Labour, catalina cabrera and by the Manager of the above institution, ana martin,

The plan designed by the above mentioned autonomous department contemplates that, during the first three months of this year, within the annual campaign of visiting companies to advise on the above matters, and focusing on construction and industry , 421 will be controlled. of this type, of which 107 works have already been done starting from January 1, a criterion used to determine Work centers to be reviewed Have the companies calculated? three or more accidents during the last year,

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Work stopped after inspection

Already executed from this group, Have been developed in 60 companies construction, of which 33 corresponded to those firms High accident rate and assigned to 27 advisories.

We want to reach this figure during the first quarter 130 construction companies from Majorca Supervised.

magnifying glass will also be placed You rent and sublease, With 260 tours in Majorca.


In this industry case In addition to achieving three or less crashes one for every ten workers Emphasis is placed on the controls associated with health and noise (We want to visit eight metal carpentry shops in Majorca). Control over chemical agents will be includedin graphic arts.

Will be evaluated throughout the year Good practices in healthcare sector While in other activities investigation of Serious, very serious and fatal accidents, as well as minor accidents which are selected based on their characteristics. Added to this group occupational diseases, especially if they affect women,

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The Minister has emphasized that The level of compliance between companies and workers is good But he hasn’t hidden it The Balearic Islands are the area with the highest accident rates Spain’s, so there was an emphasis on acting this way.

Possible restrictions

The Director General recalled that the IBASSAL staff completes one Advisory and non-sanction work But warned that if a company Refusal to rectify the deficiencies found will be made known. work inspection So that it is in charge of implementing the relevant punitive measures.

One aspect that is highlighted is that what is discovered is Act before an accident occurs, not after so they are To accelerate these trips before the start of the tourist season So that when you reach this point, all the necessary fixes have already been made.

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He has maintained this objective Meetings with employers and unions To analyze the tasks required.

However, the Minister has highlighted The work that is also being done in terms of training and support find qualified workers,

Cooperation with unions

Catalina Cabrer confirmed that this had been agreed in a meeting with the unions IBASSAL will respond to complaints that they submit regarding the existence of works that contain serious security problems. Due to which the health of the workers is in danger, due to which this situation Checked by one of their technicians Who will demand the presence of Labor Inspector if considered necessary. Situation Determined to, as the Director General said, This is that the union’s complaint is made appropriately, in writing and specifying the place where the non-compliance is being recorded.


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