Governor Newsom Announces Regulations to Phase Out Fracking in California

Governor Newsom Announces Regulations to Phase Out Fracking in California

The rules come after more than a decade of advocacy by climate, environmental justice groups

After a three-year de facto ban, on Friday Governor Newsom’s California Geological Energy Management Division released its plan to formally phase out fracking in California. The proposed rule would prevent the state from issuing new fracking permits to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect California’s people, animals, air and land.

The announcement comes after more than a decade of advocacy by groups across the state and country calling on California governors to stop this dangerous practice. Fracking, the process of drilling into the earth and injecting water, sand and chemicals into rock at high pressure to allow oil and gas to flow to the surface, has long been believed to accelerate climate change, pollute drinking water, and , is known to cause earthquakes. Make people sick.

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Newsom announced his intention to ban fracking through regulation in 2021. While the plan calls for an end to fracking, it does not address all well stimulation methods, particularly steam injection, which is widely used.

Chirag Bhakta, California director of Food & Water Watch issued the following statement:

“Governor Newsom’s smart plan to phase out fracking caps more than a decade of grassroots statewide campaign to end this dirty, toxic process. Where Governor Jerry Brown failed miserably to live up to his claims of climate and environmental leadership, Newsom has stepped up. We are grateful, and now we urge Newsom to continue working hard to rein in the fossil fuel industry in California. “This means ending new drilling and fossil fuel infrastructure and a rapid transition away from fossil fuels.”

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