Governor Newsom on winter storms: “We are grateful to our thousands of first responders”

Governor Newsom on winter storms:

What you need to know: California has mobilized thousands of people to respond to record-breaking storms since late January, which have killed a total of 12 people so far.

Sacramento , Today, Governor Gavin Newsom thanked first responders for their efforts in helping keep Californians safe during the record-breaking winter storms over the past few weeks.

In late January, Governor Newsom directed the all-government response to the storms, affecting virtually all residents. The response included more than 8,500 boots on the ground to support communities with roadways, flood operations, rescue teams, shelters and more.

State swift water rescue teams composed of California Governor’s Office of Emergency Services and Cal Fire assets combined made 47 rescues and assisted in six rescues locally. These state operations complemented local governments’ own rescue operations.

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The storm dropped over a foot of rain in parts of Southern California, brought hurricane-force winds across Northern California, broke daily rainfall records, and resulted in the second-highest rainfall ever recorded in a 72-hour period in downtown Los Angeles. Was recorded. Angeles. Since late January, these combined storms have killed at least 12 people.

“Over the past few weeks, 12 people have lost their lives due to a series of hurricanes in California. Our thoughts are with their families and friends, as well as communities across the state as they begin efforts to address the damage and recover.

During these storms, we mobilized a whole-of-government response, including our rapid water rescue teams, which have rescued 47 people. “We are grateful to our thousands of first responders who have saved countless lives and kept our state afloat despite record-breaking rain and snow.


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