“Governor!” Thousands shouted for Nahle in Banderilla


Shouting “Governor, governor!” received Rocío Nahle García in the seventh anniversary event of the Morenista movement Unidos Todos (UT), where representatives of the entire State, the militants and sympathizers, activists, as well as state and municipal officials, expressed their support for the Coordinator of Committees. of the Defense of the Fourth Amendment of the State of Veracruz, so that the entity will be in charge.

During the event held in the municipality of Banderilla and in front of thousands of attendees, the coordinator highlighted the seven years of the organization of the UT and maintained that it is a group of men and women who do not accept neoliberalism.

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When using her voice, Nahle García remembers that MORENA was formed in 2013 and in 2015 in the first election they were organized, “and Veracruz is an example of the whole Republic, in only three districts outside Mexico City got the victory; two of them in Veracruz: Coatzacoalcos and Xalapa”.

From that seed of conscience and organization, we began to act to bring Andrés Manuel López Obrador to the presidency, he declared, assuring that after the victory and five years of government, everything has changed, “the programs now is a right and not a gift or in exchange for anything.”

The political change in the country, he said, is progressing and although it is not easy because of situations such as the pandemic, wars in Europe that affect the economy of Mexico, the president admits every challenge without debt, said the coordinator, declaring that in Mexico You have the best president in the world.

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“Doing public investment works, the Mayan Train, the Interoceanic Train, refineries, companies, roads and all without debt.”

According to Nahle García, Mexico is developing by leaps and bounds and in other parts of the world they are wondering what is happening in Mexico that is growing economically, where the president has a high percentage of acceptance and where the development is done in gender equality.

On the other hand, he is grateful that the people of Veracruz honored him and gave him the confidence to coordinate the work of the Fourth Transformation Committees.

In this sense, he stated that Veracruz is the destination for tourism, for industry, for the countryside, “Veracruz is the destination that will take Mexico to the next level, to the second floor (…) The Veracruz is a lot of pieces and all “We will work to give results.”

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Finally, he announced that he will visit 212 towns because he assumes the great responsibility of working with all the supporters, “I am here for the love of Veracruz.”