Graciela Alfano to undergo surgery: what is it about the intervention that has worried her

Graciela Alfano to undergo surgery: what is it about the intervention that has worried her

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grace alfano He took advantage of the fact that at present he is not there to undergo surgery on the small screen. after his controversial departure show partnerprogram of Rodrigo Lucicho You Adrian Pallares, Which he resigned live, decided to stop. However, what generates your opinion is always in a folder, for now it will take a few days.

As for what needs to be done, that is trivial, but as is usually the case in these cases, the fear is always there. Coquetish, like some others, has slight problems with her eyesight and decided to turn to her trusted ophthalmologist, who asked her to intervene.

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as set forth la pavadaentertainment section chronicle, will have cataract surgery and that’s why she has made all preparations to take that step which is normal at a certain age, nothing to write home about. Graciela doesn’t like wearing glasses, especially when she’s exposed, and that’s why she decided to take this step, apart from the fact that it would give her a better quality of life, of course.

This is a procedure in which the lens of the eye is removed and usually replaced with an artificial lens. This prevents vision from becoming cloudy, because this, if left untreated, leads to a gradual loss of vision, and Grace doesn’t want anything to do with it. Nothing to use magnification.

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Also, because Alfano had become a grandmother with the arrival of two years earlier. Ninadaughter of gonzalo capozolo, He falls in love with the girl coming into his life and he lies on the floor all day, plays with him and enjoys every moment.


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