Great Discounts on Fashionable Electrics

Great Discounts on Fashionable Electrics

It’s even more obvious MG or Tesla They are completely different brands in every way. While the British manufacturer is now in the hands of the Asian giant SAIC motors Focusing each and every effort on becoming the reference low-cost brand in Europe, the American manufacturer has always been known as a premium maker of electric models that are not exactly cheap.

But the interesting thing in this case is that, since they are two very different brands and sell models at different prices, some of their models can claim to be the best selling electric models in the segment. 2023 In Spain,

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from Tesla, his modelY or model 3 Among other things, they continue to make a splash in our country because in recent times they have significantly reduced their price, which now becomes perhaps a more attractive option for most drivers in Spain.

Of course, if there’s one model that’s helping to substantially boost sales of electric vehicles in Spain, it’s not really the Tesla, but the Tesla. MG4 This is the jewel in the British brand’s crown when it comes to low-cost electrics.

MG4 is revolutionizing the electric segment

And this is it, as we can see in, if we get or know the total support from the government plan to encourage the sale of electric cars, along with all the current promotions by the manufacturer The total discount on the model exceeds €11,000, which is more important, keeping the starting price of the simplest version down 20.000 €.

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It should be kept in mind that most models in its segment, i.e. compact ones, but which have combustion engines, have prices equal to or even higher than, as in this case. seat Leon He ford Center Or Peugeot 308 among many others.

That’s why, taking into account that it comes in its simplest version with this month and four 170 horsepower engine and a battery that allows you to take more than 350 km autonomy There are more people who are willing to go for compact, look into mg4 The smartest way to move towards electric mobility in Spain today.

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