Great fire in Old Montreal

Great fire in Old Montreal

A massive fire broke out in a building on Notre-Dame Street in Montreal, very close to Quebecor’s offices on Friday night.

The fire that broke out around 8:15 in the evening quickly required 5e alarm that required the intervention of sixty vehicles from nearly 150 firefighters.

Saturday morning, the SPVM confirmed to TVA Nouvelles that they filed a case in the case even though it suspected that the fire was criminal.


Neighboring buildings, including Quebecor’s offices, were quickly evacuated.


Several witnesses at the site reported hearing an explosion.


Louis-Philippe Drolet, co-owner of the KO group who works in television, observed with concern the work of the firefighters last night. His business is located in the offices of a building that shares a common wall with the burned building.

“We know that there is damage to one of our floors. We don’t know anymore. Smoke, water damage, that worries us. “

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The 4-story building that caught fire is a commercial type and has been abandoned for more than five years according to him.

“The windows are covered. I don’t know what they want to do there as a project. “

Around 10 in the evening, the fire department continued to water the building while the fire was still visible.

Towers with hundreds of condos were evacuated on the Sainte-Antoine side of the street, behind the burning building.

“I don’t know if I can come back tonight,” worried Stephen, who is one of the residents of the tower. I arrived and that’s it. I didn’t get in. »

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Brigitte, who is one of the evacuees, does not know if the procedure is preventive or if the 34-story building she lives in has been destroyed.

“We have no information. I think it’s only a matter of time before we get back,” he said.