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Green Comet Will Bring the Apocalypse and Start of World War III, Says Mahoney Vidente

Last week, the approach of comet “C/2022 E3 (ZTF)” was reported, which will once again cross the terrestrial sky after a long absence of 50,000 years from our solar system. According to the released reports It is possible that it is a small rocky and icy body, only 1 kilometer in diameter, can be seen with the naked eye later this month. In this context Mahoni Vidite has made his predictions before this event.

The famous dragon assured on his social networks that the green comet would bring the apocalypse and herald the beginning of the Third World War, to which he warned that the predictions of this vision are not the most encouraging. especially The rock in question was discovered in March 2022 by the “Zwicky Transient Facility” (ZTF) program, which operates the Samuel–Oschin telescope at Palomar Observatory in California.

The green comet was discovered in March 2022. photo: special

February, Time to Attract Abundance

The so-called green comet was detected ten months ago as it orbited Jupiter, and it will be this week when it is expected to pass close to the Sun, arriving It is speculated that it will also herald the beginning of the Apocalypse.According to the recent predictions of Mahoni Vidite.

Mahoney assures that the comet announces the beginning of the apocalypse. Photo: Exclusive

The astrologer indicated in a video shared on his YouTube channel that February will also be a month of growth, of opportunities and it is one of the most important months. because this is when people rediscover themselves and begin to grow, From day one, changes will begin to occur in the lives of others, which is why Mahoney recommends performing a ritual of abundance, stability, and healing.

The letter of the star signifies the arrival of the meteorite, he assured in the clip: “Something that will be seen in the sky, it will come so close to the earth that it will start transferring all negative and positive energies. That’s why February 1st is advised to cut his hair, perform a ritual, Drink holy water to stimulate abundance and above all heal the body,” he explained.

The arrival of the green comet heralds the arrival of the apocalypse

According to the famous soothsayer, a world cataclysm is near. Photo: Exclusive

According to Mahony Vidente, this meteorite first has already completely changed life on the planet: “On February 1st, all energies will begin to move in all forms: This is such a meteorite that did not pass near the earth more than 50 thousand years ago. and that he made significant changes in the affairs of an era. It completely destroyed the dinosaurs and completely reborn humans in other dimensions.”

The fortune teller also assured that “this meteorite which falls on the first of February in Aquarius, accompanied by Archangel Uriel, is giving me The warning that the apocalypse is going to start on that day and it’s going to start hitting the cards all over Luzbel’s letter, Satan’s letter, the Antichrist’s (…) We need a chance to make the false prophet (Vladimir Putin), Luzbel and the third Antichrist a satanic trinity,” he said.

Thus “Kya Qayamat Aa Raha Raha” will become. The month of February has been chosen to start the third world war or completely take necessary steps to involve the people in the issues of the war, Luzbel’s letter informs us that a year ago war broke out between Ukraine and Russia,” said the astrologer.

The moment of “world doomsday” will come in 2031

Mahoney assured that the fury of NATO allies would be unleashed during February. Photo: pixabay

Mahoni Vidende assures in his video that 13th or 21st of this month which has just started will be decisive in world events There will be an explosion of fury of NATO allied countriesFurthermore, it will create global uncertainty:

“The Emperor’s letter is telling us that with The letter from Satan touches us in the worst of times and the worst of leaders; The worst dictator, crazed, frenzied and eager for power.”

Furthermore, he announced the exact date on which he called the doomsday: “This war is without control, greed and power (…) I see that the only solution for Ukraine is to surrender, if they don’t want to go to world war 3 And start these years with what we have left for 2031, which is when the total annihilation of humanity takes place,” the astrologer concluded.

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