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Green Juices: Why Are They Worthless?

In photo or video, it is ideal and can be very inspiring for those who are on a diet or want to ‘detox’ their body. Plus, the plan is, in theory, pretty enticing: “If you drink this rich and nutritious smoothie, you detox your body Burn fat, lose weight and feel super great”, they declare. The problem comes when you peruse the advice to find this miraculous green smoothie that, in fact, it’s usually very bad and that, in addition, Not only is it not reducing, but it can also cause harm, long term, Our health

Detox smoothies, green smoothies made of vegetables and fruits, usually diuretics, prepared in a blender, presented as the best ally detoxify or cleanse the body Combating bloating and fluid retention, burning fat, and losing weight may never be so beneficial to our health.

In fact, experts explain it food does not cleanse or detoxify, These are responsible for the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin, which are organs designed to eliminate waste compounds from our bodies.

Although they are not detoxifying on their own, these shakes can be taken alongside a healthy and balanced diet and without meal replacements. This is because they are taken as a form Correcting overeating or bad eating habits will not help at all And, moreover, they can affect our health in the long term.

first thing to do Unleash That ‘Detox Roll’ that they try to stress us because the consumption of smoothies of vegetables and fruits probably cleanses the body doesn’t make any sense, These juices do not even work for us to benefit from the properties of those foods.

Because, although it may seem like a trivial matter, these shakes are not only ‘healthy’ because they are sold to us, but they can be a source of health problems, as the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) warns, that linked its consumption to Increasing number of kidney stone patients Whose number has doubled.

But there’s still a lot more. Contrary to what has been said, if they are used as a main nutrient in a strict diet, it gives more benefits fat accumulation and muscle loss, Plus, they’re less satiating than whole fruits, they don’t help with a healthy diet, they have a high oxalate content (in excess, they interfere with the absorption of some nutrients and can lead to kidney problems. can cause heartburn), they have high nitrate content (in excess, can cause blood problems, especially in children), and can transmit pathogenic microorganisms.

Furthermore, it should be clear that we are not drunk, they do not counteract the effects of an unhealthy diet or excesses committed in the summer or at Christmas, and our body, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin … those organs whose function is to remove waste compounds. So, what is clear is that the detox fashion is a twist on miracle diets, a Marketing trick.

To all of this, we should add one essential detail: Fruits and vegetables contain soluble and insoluble fiber, which help us go to the bathroom more often and clean our bowels. However, liquefy them, We lose out on that valuable fiber, Promote the absorption of sugar. Gastric emptying also becomes faster which causes carbohydrates to pass into the bloodstream sooner, raising blood sugar levels. The pancreas, to counteract this effect, increases the production of insulin, which activates lipogenesis or what is similar, that is increased fat production,

What are oxalates?

By making smoothies of spinach, chaat or beetroot, to give three very popular examples, not only are we deprived of their original goodness, but their consumption can also cause harm. multiple differences,

Why? Because all of these foods are rich in oxalates, salts that, among other things, hinder the absorption of iron, potassium, or calcium, and contribute to the appearance of renal colic and other kidney problems. Furthermore, several studies have found a direct link between the consumption of this type of juice a oxalate nephropathy,

What should we do then? If cook at the right temperature, we managed to ‘deactivate’ that action of oxalates to a great extent. so it is not It is not recommended to take them raw Nor in such large quantities as are used for smoothies.

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