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Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Greta did not halt even after Delhi Police’s FIR, Twitter was exposed again by deleting Kangana’s tweet

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The reality of the infiltration of international celebrities in the alleged peasant movement has become clear after the toolkit came to light. The antics of Twitter have also revealed where the global trend is. On one hand, a case has been filed against Greta for inflammatory tweets in Delhi, but Twitter did not take any action against him on its platform. At the same time, Kangana Ranaut’s tweet, which was only a response to Rihanna’s tweet, has been deleted.

According to information, Delhi Police against child activist Greta Thunberg Has filed a lawsuit. He is accused of inciting various groups by making inflammatory tweets. India Today journalist Gaurav Sawat told that under Section 153A and Section 120B of IPC against Greta Case has been registered.

Greta’s tweet, which has now been deleted.

Let me tell you that this action of the Delhi Police against Greta has come after the statement of the Ministry of External Affairs in which he had asked every international person to understand about this before speaking on the issue of this peasant movement.

Excerpt from documents shared by Greta Thunberg

Apart from this, even after Greta’s toolkit has been shared, the issue has been highlighted and it has become clear that under the guise of this demonstration, foreign celebrities are creating an atmosphere against India.

Another tweet by Greta has surfaced after the FIR was filed. In it, he said, “We are united in the farmers’ movement in India.”

Significantly, the discussion on the planned plan of people like Greta Thunberg and Rihanna since the toolkit appeared Is hot Some people were already anticipating such interference. Kangana Ranaut was among those who gave a strong reply to Rihanna.

Rihanna shared the news of the peasant movement and asked why we are not talking on it. Just then Kangana wrote to him, “Nobody is talking because it is terrorists who want to divide India, so that China will take over our fragmented country like the US.” So sit up idiot, we don’t sell our country like puppets. “

Kangana’s tweet

Two days after this tweet, and the day after international intent was revealed, Jack Dorsey’s Twitter deleted Kangana’s tweet on 4 February 2021. In return, they were told that this action was taken against them for violating Twitter rules.

Kangna’s deleted tweet

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