GSK sees earnings down 67.1% in 2023, although it has improved its forecasts for this year

GSK sees earnings down 67.1% in 2023, although it has improved its forecasts for this year

The laboratory GSK closed 2023 with an attributable net profit of 4,928 million pounds (5,767 million euros), representing a 67.1% decrease Than 2022. Despite this, the British company has improved its forecasts.

loss Income for its part, increased by 3.4% and stood at 30,328 million pounds (35,492 million euros). By business areas, the specialty medicines division’s turnover was down 9%, to 10,244 million pounds (11,988 million euros), while the general medicines division’s turnover was 10,220 million pounds (11,960 million euros), up 1%.

area of ​​its edge vaccines Turnover increased by 24%, to 9,864 million pounds (11,544 million euros). In this business, the good performance of the antigen against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) has emerged, achieving sales of 1,238 million pounds (1,448 million euros).

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GSK marketed medicines against covid A value of 194 million pounds (227 million euros) was generated from the sale of vaccines, which contributed 150 million pounds (175.5 million euros), and ‘Zevudi’ treatment, which contributed 44 million pounds (51.5 million euros).

By areas, the US market reported GSK 15,820 million pounds (18,514 million euros), up 9%. On the other hand, Europe and the Rest of the World provided 6,564 million pounds (7,682 million euros) and 7,944 million pounds (9,297 million euros), which were 3% more and 6% less, respectively.

Dividends and Forecast

GSK’s board of directors approved a dividend of 0.16 pounds (0.19 euros) per share, representing an increase from 0.1375 pounds (0.16 euros), payable on April 11, for a February 23 holder reference.

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Looking to 2024, the lab now expects sales growth between 5% and 7% There was a negative impact of one point on sales due to less marketing of anti-Covid products.

Additionally, GSK anticipates adjusted operating income growth of between 7% and 10%. same way, By 2031, sales forecast has been revised to more than £38 billion (44,471 million euros).