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Guide and Tips for Buying a Wireless Microphone for Mobile

If you use your mobile to record videos, for example, from tiktok or to record your voice for podcasts, but you need better sound quality with freedom of movement, then for your smartphone It’s best to get a working wireless microphone.

When we use mobile as a recording medium for videos, Tiktok, Instagram or even YouTube, we all will have a common denominator such as lack of quality in terms of audios which are used for this type of video. occurs in the devices.

They are not devices that set out to offer sound recording worthy of the best, so there will be no choice but to get a microphone that can be customized for them, as not all of them are compatible.

Once the first hurdle is found, which will be finding compatibility between a microphone and a smartphone, further difficulties arise, especially due to the number of types of audio recording devices that can be incorporated into mobile phones.

This is where mobility can prevail, i.e. a microphone in which we do not have to be aware of the cable and where we can reach because of it, to be able to move from one place to another.

So, all those who want complete freedom can opt for nothing but wireless microphones.

This means that the challenge is even more specific and can be complicated, as we must look for not only a compatible microphone, but one that must also be wireless and with good sound quality.

Why Mobile Microphone?

As we told you, the main reason is to get a lot of quality in what the sound is, because Smartphones are not ready to deliver good enough audio recording,

So, if we need to get better at what is being said in our recordings, whether for video or pure voice recording, the most common solution would be to get a microphone with which we will cover a number of integers in sound.

with this Accessory and audio recording quality app on smartphoneWe will be able to adapt our voice to what we want, with a sound level infinitely better than any recording from a mobile device.

Sure MV7 Review

Shure MV7, Microphone for Podcast analysis and opinion

type of microphone

We have a variety of microphones, with varying characteristics, designs and sizes, for both connection and operation.

Various microphones can be installed in a smartphone, such as:

  • flap: They are tiny microphones that you put on your clothes (like the ones you see on television) and they specialize in sounding out conversations. Typically, it has a pad to reduce ambient noise. They carry cables which usually run between 2 to 3 meters in length.
  • Hand: They are the ones that are designed to be held in your hand, like when you look at your favorite singer. In general, those that can be connected to a smartphone usually come with a cable, but there are some other models that are wireless. The most common thing, in order not to hold it all the time, is to buy a clamping tripod.
  • for dessert: They are the ones that already come with a built-in tripod to lay on the table in front of us ready to record. They usually have good quality, with the counterpoint that every hit we hit on the table will be seen in the recording.
  • study: Surely you must have noticed that there are some microphones (almost always in recording studios) that come with a kind of screen that limits the interference of our own air when using it. This is a very specialized type and there are some that can be attached to a mobile, although they are not very versatile, as they always have to be in one place. They are the ones who give us the best quality.
  • mini typeIts main feature is its small size. They are mounted directly to a smartphone without cables or almost, being most manageable, though its quality is really nothing to write home about.
  • cordless: They are what concerns us today, because, in addition to offering us good recording quality, they are extremely versatile as they allow us to go wherever we want. Its versatility is its hallmark. In addition, they can be lapel (most), handheld and even tabletop. As a drawback they have the price, somewhat expensive in almost all cases.

Denash Wireless Lavalier Microphone for € 55.80 EVARY Wireless USB C Lavalier Microphone for € 32.99

What should we look for when buying a quality wireless microphone?

The first thing to do is leave the debate behind whether we want it wired or wireless, because it’s clear that we We seek versatility and freedom of movement All the time, something that no one with wiring can offer us.

Thanks to having a microphone without cables of any kind, we will be able to move without any problems, go wherever we want without disconnecting anything.

From there we should go through a few details to make sure we’re buying the microphone we like best:

  • Smartphone compatibility: This is something that we must be one hundred percent sure, as not all microphones are compatible with mobile devices. What you need is that your micro has a TRRS connection (3 strips) for this to work. If by chance you make a mistake and buy a TRS (2 strips), you will always be able to buy an adapter to fit your smartphone, but the best part is that it already comes with compatibility as standard. Comes with.
  • sound pattern: This refers to the sensitivity with which you will receive sound based on the angle where you are. It’s intended more for desktop-type microphones, as they should be able to capture the sound of our voice from anywhere. The best are those that capture 180 to 360 degrees.
  • distance: We need to be aware of how far we are going to be able to go from the main receiver without losing connection or sound quality. Usually this distance is from 2 to 10 months.
  • autonomy: The best thing to do is to get a device that has a rechargeable battery (no batteries, that’s one piece of advice) and that has between 40 and 60 hours of operation. Some have rechargeable batteries and last for about 6 to 8 hours.
  • sound quality: This is something that will be difficult for you to check in a store, whether physical or online. If you can see the comments made by other users, if you buy it from internet store. In quality, check out not only how it treats your voice, but also in noise cancellation and how it’s able to treat environmental messes.
  • material: It is already somewhat more subjective to each, that is, we may feel more comfortable with one type of building material than another. The main thing is that it be a well-crafted microphone, strong and resistant in its connection, as the idea is that it lasts as long as possible.

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With what we have told you today, you will now be able to get the best wireless microphone for your smartphone and thus have great audio quality in your recordings with this device forever.

You can make us a part of your purchase and your decision by showing us which option you chose. For that, what better way to tell us about them than through our social networks, who are open to any comments or questions you want to ask us.

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