Guillermo Diaz Bermejo: We need immigrants


According to data from the latest Active Population Survey, Spain has never had such a high percentage of foreign workers, it reaches 14% of the employed population, a percentage that, more or less, brings us to three million immigrants. , The reason for this is undoubtedly the demographic decline in Spain and which, especially in Asturias, is already troubling.

In our community, 2,700 residents are dying every year and the population is aging rapidly, a situation that puts us in an extreme situation, since we have increasingly fewer women of childbearing age and its Also, our young people are leaving. Asturias in search of opportunities. These educationally well-educated youth are forced to look for opportunities elsewhere as they are unable to find suitable jobs here.

In this situation, it is undeniable that we need immigrants and we must dispel the myths that ‘there is no room here for everyone’ or that ‘they are coming to take our jobs’, because they are our demographic and Do not fit economic reality. I join the theories of experts in demography and economics who believe that given the aging of our population, we urgently need an influx of immigrants to keep our economy running properly.

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The European Commission itself tells us that Spain needs an additional seven million population by 2030 and so Asturias, which ranks highest in the aging ‘ranking’, needs a few thousand of those seven million people to move here. is required.

Whether or not there are many citizens who say that foreigners come to take our jobs, I maintain that we need foreigners who come to us with an adequate professional profile to fill those jobs, Even though we have high levels of unemployment. Not covered by the Spaniards, who clearly reject them (domestic service, agriculture, livestock, hospitality, drivers…). The citizen needs to know that when a foreigner arrives in Spain, he can be legally employed only in those activities that the National Employment Institute classifies quarterly as ‘occupations that are difficult to occupy’ . That is, jobs that are not filled because there are no Spanish workers willing to accept them.

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In my opinion, there is a need to encourage immigration to Asturias, and it is not about opening the borders so that all kinds of irregular immigration can reach us. The point is that our rulers set up explicit immigration policies to encourage the arrival of ‘regular’ immigrants into our economy, willing to occupy jobs that exist on the list of occupations that are difficult to occupy. .

One thing is the problem of sub-Saharan migrants who arrive in boats, something that should be classified as a serious humanitarian problem, or the influx of irregular immigration that can generate marginalization or even criminality. And the second thing is to promote this immigration. Legal or regulated which we undoubtedly need, as it will help our economy function.

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That’s why I vote for our leaders to establish clear regular immigration policies, so that we can anticipate the serious demographic and economic problem that already exists.


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