Guler, from wanting to take penalties to good details with Joselu

Guler, from wanting to take penalties to good details with Joselu

He real Madrid He missed a penalty again this season, although that’s another debate. it was against girona laughs Which instigated a new release. The Turk came out in the last minutes and was absolutely full of confidence. cameras of DAZN He captured a conversation between several players on the field over who should shoot from eleven metres.

Güler was so inspired that as soon as the referee signaled the maximum penalty, he asked brahim Joe looks away, and then towards Joselu, knowing that according to the established order he will definitely be the one to throw. Tchoumeni intervenes for Güler and asks Joselu to let Arda throw him But the former Espanyol player caught the ball and put it on the penalty spot.

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While this is happening in the field, Ancelotti comes up from the bench to tell Carvajal that Guler should be thrown. However, soon after his son arrives. david from behind and says Joselu better throw it away and everything stays as planned.

Camavinga and Tchoumeni arrive to encourage the Turkish pearl, knowing that it has been abandoned without being thrown. Joselu fired and missed. Guler is the first to console the forwards, then Brahim and then Carvajal.

Pitchers’ debate

Madrid have had both advantages and disadvantages with penalties. It was difficult for them to score, so much so that in the preseason first Vinicius and then Rodrygo, Modric and Joselu missed their shots, In 2024, amid a debate over who was the first pitcher, Joselu scored first, then Viney, and last by Bellingham. However, Joselu failed again, so there are now five failures and three successes. Theoretically the forward is the first thrower if he is on the field, followed by Vinicius and Modric. However, Jude has already released one.

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