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Gun security activists oppose action as US gunfire escalates

NEW YORK ( Associated Press) – Democrats have been promising for years to end gun violence across communities across the U.S. Dozens injured and two killed 15 months ago

The BJP’s struggle for democracy and congressional control of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and the Democrats’ struggle for control of the country have sadly been overshadowed by internal strife, epidemics and the war in Ukraine. Almost all of the Republican opposition, which prioritizes democracy, including gun laws, has lost a majority in the House and Senate..

But that is a small consolation for gun safety advocates and tens of thousands of gun victims who are said to reduce gun violence if given the Democrats a chance to buy. In a more difficult election year, the coalition of young people, women, color voters and neutrals, which helped Joe Biden to run for president in 2020, threatens to be needed again if Democrats take control of Congress.

“I’m angry,” said David Hogg, a gun safety activist who survived a shooting that killed 17 people at Margory Stomman Douglas High School in 2018. In Parkland, Florida. “We took the house and then we took the Senate and now we have the White House, and still nothing will change.”

Representative Lucy McBaten, D-Ga, encouraged those who were upset about the pace of development, about ten years ago, when their son was shot dead. She likens the struggle to reduce gun violence to the struggle of her parents for civil rights.

“It doesn’t come as soon as we want it to. “Because we understand, it’s a culture that we have to change,” McBath said in an interview. “I know we are making real progress in this regard. In fact, I was in Washington and Georgia was chosen because of its gun policy agenda … it tells you there is progress.

However, McBath is not sure if he will return to Congress next year. She is locked in a first-round tie with Caroline Bordeaux. In the Red Cross, northeast of Atlanta.

Meanwhile, White House aides said Biden was doing his best to keep the gun in front of the center.

Just last week, the Democratic president signed an executive order to control invisible “ghost guns.” He presented part of his first State of the Union address at gunpoint And in his 2023 budget proposal, he called for a significant increase in police funding.

But the same activists, who are pleased with the president’s efforts, say he and his party are not doing enough.

Mark Bardon, one of 26 students and teachers who were shot dead by their 7-year-old son, Sandy Hooke, said: “It’s very sad, very shocking, very sad and very embarrassing. Elementary School

Bardon is now the co-founder and CEO of the Sandy Hooke Promotion Action Fund, one of the gun defense groups that has emerged in the past decade to counter the impact of gun lobby on policy and politics.

“Congress must get up and go to work,” Bardon said in December, marking the 10th anniversary of his son’s death.

Democrats’ frustration over gun control is not new.

After Sandy Hooke’s shooting, President Barack Obama failed to persuade Congress to take popular gun safety measures Such as universal background checks and weapon blocking.

There is little sign that Democrats in Congress will send gun security measures to Biden Desk.

The council passed a law last year to expand background checks. Include personal and online sales, including gun shows. But Senate Democrats have yet to approve a new version of the law. And in the face of GOP opposition with one vote, Democrats need the support of at least 10 Republicans in the 50-50 Senate to defeat any Phillips.

Sen. Chris Murphy, De-Con. West Virginia Democrat Senator Joe Mancini also opposes the bill.

Asked if Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer had voted in favor of the gun safety bill, the New York Democrat said in February.

“Sen. Murphy was trying to work with Republicans to get 60 votes. He did not give up, but he did not give up. But we will continue to examine the past. I believe in that, very strongly, ”Schumer said at the time.

Meanwhile, more Americans are dying from gunshot wounds than ever before.

A.D. In 2020, in the most recent year of federal data, 19,384 people were killed by gunfire – a 35% increase over the previous year and a one-year increase on gun killings.

Republicans have strongly opposed gun control measures, and any current legislation would jeopardize their constitutional right to firearms. Instead, GOP demanded increased police control and gun ownership to combat crime.

At the same time, Republicans have resorted to violence under the guise of public safety to change how voters view gun violence. Republicans in Virginia, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania had good results in last year’s election, with public safety being a key issue.

And the lobbyist’s public safety concerns are sure to help his Republican allies regain control of the House, if not the Senate this fall.

“We are seeing a lot of opportunities,” said Andrew Arulananda, a spokesman for the National Rifle Association. “Whether the gun control lobby knows it or not, there is a greater appreciation and awareness that gun control in this country will not be safer for people.”

The NRA has already celebrated successes at the state level in its efforts to enable people to possess unlicensed firearms. Since the Democrats came to power in Washington in 2021, Republican lawmakers in nine states have enacted similar legislation. A total of 25 states do not need firearms permits to carry a firearm in public.

Guns remain an increasingly divisive issue in American politics, although opinion polls suggest they were covered by other events last year.

In a December poll by Associated Press-NORC, 24 percent identified gun laws as one of the top five issues facing the government by 2022. It ranks lower than economics, CV-19 and even more. Immigration, but the priority percentage for gun laws by 2022 is 5% for 2021 and 12% for 2020. Four people were killed and seven were injured in a shooting at a Oxford high school in Michigan this weekend.

41 percent of Democrats prioritize gun control over government by 2022, compared to 6 percent for Republicans.

Meanwhile, gun safety groups such as March for Our Lives are pushing Democrats to take action. For the first time in the spring and summer, the group is supporting the Democratic leaders who have not given priority to the issue.

On Tuesday, Hogg and other young activists in our March for Life released body bags outside the Summer New York office protesting the refusal to vote on gun safety legislation on the Senate floor.

“Democrats drink to fulfill these promises,” Hogg said.


Associated Press correspondents Kevin Freking and Hannah Fingerhat contributed to this report in Washington.


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