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Guns in America, the Legacy of Slavery

A recent study shows a close link between possession of firearms and slavery in the United States. The study, conducted by Nick Buttrick, professor of psychology at the University of Wisconsin at Madison, and psychologist Jessica Mazen of the University of Virginia, found that the US counties with the highest percentage of slaves in 1860 were the ones with the highest percentage of slaves today. .

President Abraham Lincoln announced the emancipation of slaves on January 1, 1863, during the Civil War, which ended in 1865 with the defeat of the slave and separatist South against the industrial North.

more weapons than residents

Batrick and Mazen’s study looks at how many Americans see guns compared to other countries. Only 5 percent of the world’s population lives in the United States, but the country – according to the Swiss organization Small Arms Survey – holds 46 percent of the world’s total firearms in civilian hands. It is the only country in the world that has more weapons among the population than the inhabitants. And the highest homicide rate in a developed country with firearms, 22 times higher than in the European Union. So far, these appalling figures have not prevented arms sales in the United States from becoming a very prosperous business that leaves an annual profit of about three billion dollars.


“We’re actually fundamentally different,” says Batrick, “from countries like Canada or Australia, which have similar cultural roots.”

Indeed, while in many countries people think that having guns increases the risk, according to the Pew Research Center, two-thirds of Americans who own guns say they make them safer, and a third of adults think that if more If yes, there would be fewer crimes, despite studies to the contrary, people had guns.

That American exclusivity is largely explained by slavery and its subsequent demise. Obviously, the slave owners were armed to suppress any possible rebellion. And when the North won the Civil War and freed the slaves, white Southerners solidified their belief that guns were necessary to protect their families, their property, and their way of life. The large numbers of guns for sale after the war, the rise of violent white supremacist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan, and the idea that the government would not effectively protect slaves from the newly liberated black population were all factors. The tendency of many Americans to keep guns on hand. A hobby that, like racism, is inherited from the days of slavery, passed down from generation to generation.

fear of slaves

Buttrick and Mazen’s study challenges the long-standing belief that Americans possessed guns as a result of a rebellion against the British Crown in the late 18th century, allowing them to keep their arsenals in their homes to defend against potential foreign invasion. The importance of keeping is visible or the imaginary conversion of the government into a tyranny. Obviously, the fear of first a slave revolt, and then freed slaves would decide to take justice into their own hands, was a more powerful reason than the protection of democratic ideals. @Whole world

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