GW Politics Poll Finds Americans Concerned About Biden’s Leadership, Age, Trump’s Moral Character


WASHINGTON (November 28, 2023) – A new George Washington University Politics Poll shows key liabilities for US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump heading into the 2024 election. While the public sees Trump as a stronger leader and worries about Biden’s age and health, they perceive Trump as dishonest and lacking in moral integrity.

Among the key characteristics, only 40% of people surveyed think that President Biden provides strong leadership to the country. When asked about former President Trump, 51% said he provided strong leadership.

The poll, conducted by GW researchers, asked how well a series of statements identified key characteristics that described President Bident and former President Trump. The findings highlight some of the challenges facing President Biden in the upcoming election and add to evidence that shows the country is deeply divided in the 2024 election cycle.

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More than two-thirds of those surveyed (68%) said they believe things in this country are currently on the wrong track.

When asked if President Biden has the mental health to effectively serve as President, only 38% said this describes him as good or very good. In contrast, 46% of people surveyed rated former President Trump as having the mental health to serve effectively.

Additional key results from the poll include:

  • Only 36% of those surveyed said the word honest describes former President Trump very well or very well; and only 35% said the word moral could be used to describe Trump. When asked how well honesty and morals describe President Biden 46% and 49% respectively said these terms describe Biden very or well.
  • Nearly 56% of people polled would describe President Biden as patriotic; 54% described the former president as patriotic. The two candidates are also rated equally when it comes to knowledge with 48% and 49% saying the term describes President Biden and former President Trump, respectively.
  • Physical fitness also came up as it has been an issue for both candidates in the past. In this question, former President Trump dominates with 54% saying that his health is good enough to serve effectively. In comparison, only 35% of those surveyed agreed that President Biden’s health is good enough to serve.
  • The economic outlook is quite pessimistic. More than half of those surveyed believe the economy is getting worse (55%) and 44% say they and their family are worse off financially than ever.
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The complete poll and additional findings can be accessed here.

About the Poll

The GW Politics Poll is administered by GW’s School of Media and Public Affairs, Graduate School of Political Management and Department of Political Science. The poll was conducted by YouGov. It was in the field November 7-15, 2023. It interviewed 1,500 US adults 18 and older and weighted it to estimate a nationally representative sample.