Haas presents the new VF-24 in the United States

Haas presents the new VF-24 in the United States

The Haas team has inaugurated the list this Friday, February 2, 2024 Uniform Despite being the last company to reveal the presentation date of its new car for 2024.

As is traditional, the first event held at the beginning of each competition year is the vehicle presentations. This is no different.

led brand hey komatsu The decorations were revealed this afternoon VF-24, Also, new method. However, they did so with the base car. From Haas they decided to use the same colors as the original, but without revealing the guns they would use throughout the campaign. This is all to avoid hypothetical plagiarism from other teams.

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For now, all fans of the American squad will have to wait a few days to see what the vehicle will actually be like. They will not be able to do this until after the three event celebrations. First Search At Silverstone (11 February). Then, of Bahrain (19 February). Finally, the official preseason testing in Sakhir (21–23 February).

For now, the mission of team principal De Haas will have to return his team to the points table on a recurring basis. This will not be an easy task. But he has two experienced pilots. kevin magnussen this Nico Hulkenberg They are capable of enhanced flight. Now would be the time to see if this is possible.

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It is too early to make any predictions now. But every minute on the track will matter for a brand that wants to improve. Bahrain's official tests will be, above all, fundamental. There both Danes and Germans can begin to get acquainted with their new car. And, today, they have only tested in the simulator at the Kannapolis factory (USA).

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