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Thursday, March 4, 2021

Hackers leak military personnel data on Airtel network, company denies breach

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A hacker group in Jammu and Kashmir has allegedly leaked military personnel data using the Bharti Airtel network. However, the company denies any breach in its system. The team was named the Red Rabbit Team. The team hacked some Indian websites and placed data on the web pages of those portals.
In response to a tweet by cybersecurity researcher Rajasekhar Rajaria, hackers shared some links to these web pages and tagged them to media companies.

The Indian Army did not respond

The question sent to the Indian Army was not answered. However, an Army official said, “We have no such information.” But some latent selfishness seems to have done so with the wrong intention. When contacted, a Bharti Airtel spokesperson denied any breach on its server.

Investigation and appropriate action are required

“We can confirm that there is no break in the Airtel system as this group mentioned,” the spokesman said. Most shareholders outside Airtel have access to data that meets regulatory requirements. We have informed the concerned authorities about this matter. We urge them to investigate the matter and take appropriate action.

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The spokesperson said that the team has been in consultation with our teams for the last 15 months and is constantly making contradictory arguments. The group is posting incorrect data from an area. The hacker can access the shared link based on the username, mobile number and address. But after a while it stopped working. In a message sent to PTI, the Red Rabbit team said that Bharti Airtel’s data has been accessed on an all-India level and some more data will be leaked soon. Rajahriya said the hackers failed to provide credible evidence about Bharti Airtel getting all-India data.


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