Hamas admitted on Friday that 13 hostages died under its orders

Hamas admitted on Friday that 13 hostages died under its orders

PARIS.- Many citizens alien, from more than 25 countries, have been affected since the start of the offensive launched on Saturday by the terrorist group Hamas CON Israel who left more than 1,300 thousand on the Israeli side, including many Latin Americans and Spaniards.

This Friday, the Ezzedin al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, reported that at least 13 hostages, Israeli and foreign, held in the northern Gaza Strip, lost their lives in the last 24 hours, due to bombing which was brought. from Israeli forces.

In the Gaza Strip, health authorities have recorded at least 1,537 deaths in retaliatory Israeli bombardment.

Below is the list of foreign victims in Israel, according to the latest information made public on Friday:

  • deer: Washington confirmed that 27 Americans lost their lives. President Joe Biden reported on Tuesday that American citizens were among those kidnapped by Hamas.
  • Thailand: 21 Thais lost their lives in Israeli territory and 16 were kidnapped. About 30,000 Thais work in Israel, mostly as agricultural laborers.
  • France: President Emmanuel Macron mourned the deaths of 13 French citizens, and 17 others, including children, were reported missing.
  • Nepal: 10 Nepalis died in Alumim Kibbutz (south), which was attacked. This kibbutz has 17 Nepalese students, and one of them is absent.
  • Argentina: Buenos Aires confirmed the death of 7 Argentines and the disappearance of another 15, including two brothers, Iair and Eitan Horn, according to the statements of their father, who fears that they were “kidnapped and taken to Gaza.”
  • Ukraine: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in kyiv confirmed that 7 Ukrainians lost their lives and that 9 others are missing.
  • Russia: Moscow’s embassy in Tel Aviv confirmed on Tuesday the death of 4 Russians who also have Israeli nationality and reported that 6 other Russians are missing.
  • United Kingdom: The Israeli embassy in London confirmed the deaths of two people on Wednesday, and relatives confirmed two more deaths.
  • Austria: The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported on Thursday that 3 people of that nationality died and 2 remain missing.
  • Belarus: The Belarusian embassy in Tel Aviv announced on Thursday that 3 of its citizens died “in tragic circumstances” and another is missing.
  • Canada: Ottawa reports the death of 3 Canadians and the disappearance of 3 others.
  • Filipina: The Philippine Foreign Ministry reported on Friday that a 49-year-old Filipina died at a music festival, and 2 other Filipinos died at a kibbutz. In addition, three Filipinos are missing.
  • China: The Chinese Foreign Ministry announced on Thursday that “3 Chinese citizens died in the fighting.” 2 more are missing, and many are injured.
  • Peru: The Peruvian Foreign Ministry reported that 2 citizens lost their lives and 3 remain missing.
  • Brazil: Brasilia reported that a man and a woman with both Brazilian and Israeli nationalities were killed in a Hamas attack, while a Brazilian woman remains missing.
  • Romania: Romania announced the death of 2 of its citizens, including an Israeli-Romanian soldier.
  • Portugal: Lisbon confirmed 1 death with both Portuguese and Israeli nationality, and the loss of another 4 binationals.
  • Chile: The Chilean foreign ministry reported the death of 1 connational and the disappearance of another.
  • Spain: The Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Wednesday the death of a Spanish-Israeli citizen, who, according to the Spanish press, was a young woman serving in the military in a barracks near the Gaza Strip. Another Spaniard was allegedly “affected” by the Hamas attack, according to the same source, and the local press reported that he was missing.
  • Turkey: The Israeli embassy in Turkey announced on Thursday the death of a Turkish citizen and the disappearance of another.
  • australian: Foreign Minister Penny Wong reported the death of an Australian woman in the attacks.
  • Azerbaijan: The Foreign Ministry indicated on Wednesday that one Azerbaijani died.
  • Cambodia: Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Manet confirmed the death of a student of that nationality
  • Ireland: The Irish government confirmed on Wednesday that a 22-year-old Irish-Israeli woman had died.
  • Germany’s: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated on Sunday, without specific figures, that many German citizens, who also have Israeli nationality, were kidnapped.
  • Mexico: Foreign Minister Alicia Barcena wrote on the social network X that 2 Mexicans, a man and a woman, were taken hostage.
  • Paraguay: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Paraguay reported on Sunday the disappearance of two Paraguayan citizens living in Israel.
  • Colombia: The Israeli ambassador to Colombia indicated on Monday that two citizens are missing after being kidnapped.
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According to official sources, the following countries also reported the loss of one or more of their nationalities:

  • Tanzania: 2 died.
  • Italy: 3 died.
  • Sri Lanka: 2 died.

Israel orders Gaza evacuation

The Israeli army issued an order on Friday calling for the evacuation of the population of the northern Strip to the south, claiming it was for their own safety and protection, given the possibility of a land invasion. of the security forces.

However, Hamas immediately rejected this order, saying: “Our Palestinian people reject the threat of the (Israeli) occupation leaders and their calls to leave their homes and flee to the south Egypt. No transfer.”

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The UN warned that this evacuation order, which requires the mobilization of 1.1 million people in just 24 hours, could cause a “catastrophic situation” in Gaza, where the humanitarian situation has been badly damaged since the beginning of the conflict. almost a week ago.