Hamas announced the death of the Bibas family due to Israeli bombing of the Millennium Group

Hamas announced the death of the Bibas family due to Israeli bombing of the Millennium Group

Las Al Qasam Brigades armed wing of the Islamist group Hamas, announced today the death of three captives in Israel of the Argentine-Israeli family drinking and CHILDREN in ten months, his eldest brother and his nun because of “past bombings” in Gaza by the Israeli Army.

“Three imprisoned Zionists died as a result of previous Zionist bombings (by Israel) in the Gaza Strip,” he said. Al Qasam in a statement, which identified the deceased as Shiri Silverman Bibas mother of You drink kfir (ten month old baby) and his brother Ariel four years old.

They were all residents of the kibbutz Nor Oz an Israeli community very close to Gaza, captured and taken to Gaza with the father of the family, Drinks at Yardén during the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7, which resulted in at least 1,200 dead and more than 240 people taken to Gaza as hostages.

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These days, after all 81 hostages are free (61 Israelis and 20 foreigners) as part of the exchange of captive children and women for Palestinian prisoners similar to the truce in Gaza, there is controversy due to the fact that The children and mothers of the Bibas family should not be released Kfir is the smallest of all kidnapped people.

A few days later, other relatives of the Bibas family reported that They fear for their health and asked for his release to extend the temporary ceasefire that has been in effect since last Friday.

According to the Arabic spokesman of the Israeli Army, Avichai Andree the family was initially kidnapped by Hamas, but transferred to another Palestinian armed group who would have kept it in his possession in the place of Jan Yunis.

“All the other children have been released. We don’t know where they are being held” or “anything about their condition,” he said at a press conference. Ofri Bibas sister of the father, Yardén, and aunt of the children.

Part of the hostage exchange agreement that remains in force on Wednesday, is expected this afternoon 10 Israeli captives were released in exchange for 30 Palestinian prisoners 15 women and 15 children.

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At the same time, the ceasefire made between the parties has a deadline tonight, however there are negotiations for further extension.