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Thursday, May 6, 2021

Hambistar was born with 4000+ girls, 55 years younger wife murdered

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A Japanese woman has been arrested for the murder of her husband. 25-year-old Saki Sudo is accused of poisoning her millionaire husband Kosuke Nozaki aka ‘Don Juan’. This incident occurred 3 years ago in Japan’s Wakayama Prefecture (Wakayama prefectureLargest city of Tanbe ()Tanabe). Saki Sudo married Kosuke in 2018, 3 months before the murder.

Kosuke was 55 years older than his wife. He had earned immense wealth through real estate business, agriculture and lending. She married Sudo in February 2018. He had also written a book on himself. ‘Don Juan’ claimed that he shared a bed with 4000 women in his life. He cited the reason for earning his wealth as ‘dating attractive women’.

Police have said that Sudo gave her a sharp poison for killing her husband. He asked Sudo, “Would you like to be the last woman in my life?” In May 2018 in Tanabe, Sudo claimed that her husband was found dead on the couch. Earlier policemen suspected that Sudo had given drugs to Nozaki. On Wednesday (April 28, 2021), the police raided Sudo and arrested him.

Police from Tokyo To arrest After that she took her home state to Wakayama, where she lived with her husband. Since there was no trace of a needle prick on Kosuke’s body, it is believed that he was poisoned by mixing them with drinks. Kosuke claimed in his autobiography that he spent 300 million yen (204.21 crore rupees) to get 4000 women to bed.

He wrote, “I have no interest in luxury cars and homes. But, there is always a desire in my mind to have sex with attractive women. ” In this book, he explained how to attract university students and flight attendants to women. He started a business in poverty by selling pieces of metals, condoms and liquor. He wanted to donate 130 crore yen (88.45 crore rupees) to his hometown.

After his death, half the property was to be known to the widow Sudo. It has also been said in the news that a search about drugs online before the day of Sudo murder is doing was. At first, it was considered a natural death, but after getting the amount of narcotics in his body, the suspicion of the police increased because he did not take drugs. He met Sudo at the Heneda Hospital in Tokyo. Used to be a sudo model.

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