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Handbook for preventing and fighting the Imposter Syndrome

  • To date, an estimated 9 out of 10 medical students have Imposter Syndrome.
  • Although in some cases it disappears after a short period of time, in others it extends to the professional stage.
  • Its appearance affects the individual state of individuals because it does not allow them to recognize their success.

In the field of health there are problems that have a high incidence. The most notable are the stress and emotional exhaustion for all activities that must be performed. Although there is also another one that affects many of the guild members and is rarely mentioned. Is about Imposter Syndrome, but do you really know what it is?

To begin with, an alarming fact must be given. According to a study published last year in the journal family medicine it is estimated that nine out of 10 medical students have it. But while some overcome it in a short time, in other cases it extends to the professional stage.

What does it consist of?

Regarding its definition, it is understood as imposter syndrome the set of symptoms and behaviors that characterize certain people for having the belief that their success is due to factors other than themselves and not to their own merits. Consequently, thoughts arise believing that other people will discover them.

The person is constantly feeling that he is not up to the task, that his accomplishments are not really that valuable, that he doesn’t have the skills or is not good enough. However, something particular and even paradoxical about this condition is that, in reality, the external world tells you or shows you the opposite, that is, it recognizes your value.

This way of feeling ends up being very exhausting, as it causes symptoms such as anxiety, guilt and high self-demand. Therefore, tension starts to build up on the mental and physical levels.

Imposter syndrome as such is not a disorder; however, it was observed that it is a very common feeling in society, especially among women. People who suffer from this problem come from families with different characteristics, for example, the presence of important and authority figures such as parents, where the level of demand was so high that it seemed that expectations would never be met.

There are other cases in which parents are very successful at work and plant a seed in their children’s unconscious that the importance of self is in money, work and reputation. When this happens, there is little or no recognition of the individual and unique achievement.

It is extremely important that if you recognize some of these characteristics in your family system and the symptoms mentioned above, you become aware that this feeling is a game of the mind, of the ego.

How to fight this Imposter Syndrome?

  • First of all, learn to say thank you, even if you don’t believe it, even if your mind tells you a thousand things against it, don’t justify anything and just say THANK YOU.
  • Give yourself the opportunity to feel love, care and embrace the compliments, you deserve the whole universe.
  • Remember you are not your successes, you are not your physique, you are not your mistakes. Do an exercise in analysis, honesty and personal awareness to answer: What makes you value others? Where do you deposit your success? And then make a list of what makes you feel and be valuable.
  • There is a lot to unlearn, and an example of this is the misconceptions you have about yourself. Pay attention to your thoughts when they are taking you to dark places or places that don’t exalt you, that make you compare yourself to others, to minimize your actions, to make you feel anxious, etc. You are not your thoughts, observe more objectively and analyze reality more and better.
  • Although it hurts the ego, recognize that you are human and therefore not perfect, there will be things that you will not be able to solve as you would like, however, use these moments to lean on others, find support with people you trust, look within yourself to get to know yourself better in these moments of discomfort. Mistakes don’t condition your successes, but they help you learn.
  • Give yourself the opportunity to take risks, it is better to do so and act than to limit yourself and frustrate your desires. You deserve to create, plan, do, say yes, you deserve money, love, peace, success, praise, all the best in the world, it’s a matter of believing.
  • Serious: you are the one who has to approve, you are your number one audience, you are your path, you have your own process and therefore you are responsible for your own well-being, your happiness, for fulfilling your own desires and giving you satisfaction.
  • Finally, one of the most important points: do psychotherapy. It is essential that through a follow-up you start working on yourself, your desires, your achievements and your value.
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