Harvard physicist asserts there was an advanced civilization on Earth

Harvard physicist asserts there was an advanced civilization on Earth before humanity - FayerWayer

The Earth is 4.5 billion years old. Between animals, plants, and people, there are millions of species that make life in the world. Some are extinct, and some are no longer on the planet.

But all this time, the only known rational species was that of humans. Scientific data shows that our current race is between 100,000 and 120,000 years old.

That is a short period of time when we compare it to the years of existence on Earth. Besides us, the only evidence of another species on our planet is the dinosaurs, which went extinct 65 million years ago, according to theories.

But a new study is coming to change the whole perspective we have about our existence. A Harvard physicist claims that there was an advanced civilization in the world before us.

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The physicist in question is Avi Loeb. If the name is familiar to you from somewhere, it is the same scientist who claims to have proof that aliens have already set foot on Earth and are living with us.

In an article published in Novaceno, the scientist says that life on Earth as we know it began 541 million years ago. Air, plants, food, and all the elements that have been recorded in our world began during this period known as the Paleozoic Era.

During that time was the time of the dinosaurs, but before that, about 250 million years ago, an advanced civilization may have existed on our planet, which was completely wiped out by meteorite impacts.

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Is there evidence?

The truth is that there is no definitive evidence. This is just one hypothesis proposed to explain some anomalous phenomena associated with extraterrestrial life.

Previously, the physicist and his work group found some spherules that seemed to be made of metal, which determined that it was not a rocky body but something produced by a civilization. “We are not alone,” Avi said.

“To think that we are unique, special, and privileged is arrogant. There are many other cultures out there, and we need to find them. It would be very strange if there were no more civilizations like ours. Most stars were formed before the Sun. There’s plenty of time for other civilizations to proliferate and die out, too. It’s common sense,” said Avi Loeb.

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At that time, Avi raised the possibility that they belong to an alien race, and although he did not rule that out, it is possible that the truth is that it is evidence of an ancient civilization living on Earth.