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Harvard Says You Need to Read Science Fiction to Succeed (With These Books)

it’s time to read more science fiction books And not only because it is a genre full of possibilities, various stories and predictions that tell us about the future, but because it is necessary to be a successful person and a good leader, at least that That’s what it says. Harvard Business Review.

Eliot Papers, The novelist and contributor to Harvard Business Review writes that people seeking to be better leaders should add more science fiction books to their personal libraries, as it helps them to envision the future, think of new strategies, and generate useful ideas. allowed to develop. Great help to avoid becoming obsolete over time.

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Bill Gates say you have to study everything to be successful and Elon Musk He even says that a book by Isaac Asimov (yes, science fiction) is one of the things that inspired him the most and led him to become one of the richest men in the world, Tesla and SpaceX hand in hand with, and Harvard endorses the recommendation and affirms the immense power that exists in books of the genre that have inspired us to discover the future and travel to other worlds to explore the universe. pepper misses him too jeff bezos He created the Kindle after reading a book called The Diamond Age.

Why read science fiction to be successful, according to Harvard


you have to read more

Fiction is not just entertainment, it can be a means of learning and development. The paper writes: “The Science fiction This may help. You might associate it with spaceships and aliens, but science fiction offers more than escapism. By presenting plausible alternative realities, science fiction stories allow us to confront not only what we think, but also how we think and why we think. They reveal how fragile the status quo is and how malleable the future can be.

According to the expert, what happens is that science fiction can change our view of the world, reality and the present, it builds on what we are experiencing in the present to create the stories of the future and reflect on it. Leads to. And invites us to think outside the box, and to look at things that are around us in a different way.

Primarily, reading these types of books is a way to stop believing that things have to be one-sided and that we can’t get out of it, and at the same time move towards being more creative, more critical, and making better decisions. possible.

Which science fiction books should you read?

The paper recommends some books and we add some other books that are classic and even among the favorites of Musk, Bezos and others.

Foundation – Isaac Asimov

Elon Musk He has recommended this book on several occasions and says it is one of the books that inspired him to start his own companies. foundation It takes place in a futuristic kingdom, where there is an emperor who clones himself so that he will never stop ruling and keep peace in the universe, but it all comes under threat when a scientist creates a mathematical model One who predicts the fall of the earth. World Empire, prompting the Emperor to exile him to a distant planet where he and other experts must work together to try to reduce the level of chaos and destruction that would ensue if the Empire were destroyed. . And the book already has a whole series (of those that make you smart).

Camp Zero – Michelle Sterling

It’s one of those books you get at the Harvard Book Store. the story of camp zero Takes place in the near future, where a woman named Rose tries to rescue her mother displaced by climate change, so she agrees to travel to Camp Zero and spy on her creator in exchange for a home for her family. It happens. She arrives at the same time as a professor named Grant and together they begin to explore the camp, where they learn that the architect hides many secrets and discover a secret beneath the surface of the place. Also, rumors begin to spread about a group of female soldiers who are at a climate research center, where they undertake a mission that could change the world.

Change Agent – Daniel Suarez

paper recommends this book daniel Suarez Which talks about the possibility of gene editing and how it would affect humans. The story follows Kenneth Durand, an Interpol agent from the year 2045, who leads a branch of the agency dedicated to the investigation and prevention of genetic crimes committed by those who want to edit or buy children for a price. For this people agree to change. Soon, Durand learns that there is a powerful cartel called the Huli Xing, who may be behind everything, but the cartel has recognized him and plans to stop him from finding them (and take them to their home). To make the prime suspect in the investigation) ). ,

Dune – Frank Herbert

It is one of the most famous science fiction novels and is a story of power struggles, alliances, betrayals and prophecies. book of Herbert follow Paul AtreidesThe son of a powerful family from an empire that spans multiple planets, who must fight against power after his family is sent to a planet where they must oversee the production of a vital resource, and where they are threatened by enemy forces. are killed by

Atlas Six – Olive Blake

It is the first in a series of books that became a New York Times bestseller. atlas six This is the story of a secret society responsible for protecting the knowledge and history of mankind. Every decade, only people are chosen to be part of this group, and the book tells the story of the 6 most recent candidates, a group of men and women with special abilities who have one year to prepare and prove themselves. that they should be part of the group, but they must also fight to survive and do their best to outdo the rest, as one of them will be eliminated at the end of the year.

New York 2140 – Kim Stanley Robinson

This is one of the other recommendations of Chilly, who says it is an important book because it talks about climate change and the impact of the economic crisis. The story begins in the aftermath of a flood when Manhattan is submerged, its residents forced to adapt to a new model of life in which buildings are now islands, resources are scarce, and different standards of living that lead to great inequality. produce.

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