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Has Britain finally lost interest in The Apprentice?

IIt’s only been two years since the last series of t learner At the end of 2019, our TV screens were covered. For obvious reasons, it feels like a hell of a lot longer. Alan Sugar admitted as much in the introduction to the first episode of this season. “We’ve been through some tough times,” he announced with optimism at a government press conference. “Slowly, things are getting better. The country is fighting back… the British business is fighting back.” But where does that leave the show about business? During the week, Sugar was ridiculed on social media after Graham Norton sent a message asking him to appear on his Friday night talk show to celebrate last week’s auspicious premiere. learner Series 16. Twitter users – harsh cynics all – chose to interpret the offer as an obnoxious demand for publicity. Did the Amstrad mogul really fall so low as to beg for a PR handout? Now, at the time of writing, viewing figures for last week’s premiere have not been released. The fact that people are questioning them confirms a growing problem facing the show, though: what the nation has stopped buying. learner Trying to abuse.

when was the time learner British TV was a real part of the calendar. When it first aired in 2005, aside from the American series of the same name, the program was a crossover hit, drawing suspicion from reality TV. Leaving the genre’s usual roster of horny D-list celebrities, or attention-hungry 15-minute-of-famers, it was a series of apt, booty young professionals. “It’s actually a very interesting study of human nature,” people would say. It was scratching the same itch that would later be satisfied, for many, by succession: A cadre of just a dozen Roy siblings, one Logan sniped and back-stabbed for Sugar’s approval. (Though thankfully, we got to see Lord Sugar peeing on the boardroom floor.) As the years went by, however, learner Inevitably lost its novelty. The color of the weekly functions changed, but increasingly, it seemed that each year brought the same oleaginous characters in different skins; The same rough estrangement; Same pig head mistake. More than that though: learner Completely out of place with a world that is slowly losing its faith in the great capitalist myth.

Basically, learner is an aspirational show, a celebratory nod to the trappings of the business culture. The Blairie meeting room and sterile suit-jacket are filmed with all the lust of Federico Fellini shooting a woman’s breasts, or Quentin Tarantino’s pair of legs. It offers an almost surprisingly believable portrayal of business culture—or, more specifically, hustle culture, the social mobility of the working class (which is, as it were, associated with) learner shows, often appropriated by those with considerable privilege). Despite all these professional credentials—the suits, six-figure-start-up backstories, pervasive, unbearable corporate jargon—competitors are always framed as somewhat of an idiot. ,You could do better,” the show screams, as a candidate inflates a presentation, or emphasizes a terrible product design. This was always part of its appeal. However, in 2022, much of the country will face an adversary. With the economy suffering under, the fascination of learner Seems like a distorted imagination.

There’s another factor in all this that can’t be underestimated: the original’s former host. apprenticeDonald Trump, former US President. For many, Trump’s history with the brand is enough to spell it out for good. But even for those who don’t directly link the twice-impeached Dynamo to the U.K.’s sugar-coated spin-off, Trump’s rise to global prominence has thrown the illusion of a “dealing hustler-magnet” before our very eyes. has been put away. The “Presidential Deal” incorporated a number of values ​​that learner It seems to idolize—most fundamentally, a penny-earning ability—but also exposes the limits of this ideology, its emptiness, its rank and brutal hypocrisy. Trump is the gruesome symptom of capitalism and there is a reason for it.

It may well be that for four or five weeks none of this will matter. Perhaps everyone in their flock will return to BBC One. Boardroom drama can draw people back, or tempt a skin-crawling contestant. But then again, maybe not. learner Can never go back to its thriving, famous heyday. Even the smartest salesperson can keep their foot in the door for so long. “you’re fired?” Maybe. But fired up, I’m not so sure.

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