Has put its first 6G satellite into orbit

has put its first 6G satellite into orbit

China has taken a step forward in the development of 6G technology By launching the world’s first satellite into space to experiment with this architecture, according to a report published on Monday, February 5.

The satellite, which was launched into orbit by China Mobile, World’s largest telecom operator is intended as “Provide low latency and high data speeds”,

China Mobile launches the world’s first 6G satellite with domestic technology

On Saturday, February 3, China Mobile sent the first satellite that will explore 6G architecture into space, Technology that promises to be much faster and more efficient than 5G,

The satellite has software and hardware developed by China, allowing it to adapt to orbit conditions, deploy network functions flexibly, and manage the core satellite network in an automated manner. With this project, China Mobile wants to improve the reliability and performance of satellite communications.

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Satellite 6G ‘LEO’ D China Mobile, ChinaDaily

China Mobile has cooperated with the Microsatellite Innovation Academy of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to develop a stand-alone 6G architecture using low-Earth orbit satellites.

This 6G network provides wider and more powerful telecommunications signals than terrestrial mobile networks, and allows access to high-speed satellite Internet services. anywhere in the world,

China tests space optical communications equipment and launches first 6G satellite

China has demonstrated its leadership in the field of space communications with two important milestones. In October 2020, a team of scientists from the Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, affiliated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, successfully tested a device that Transmitting light signals between different points in space without the need to convert them into electrical signals.,

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This technique is called “Spatial Optical Switching”It was sent into space by China’s Y7 carrier rocket in August 2020. one month later, China launches world’s first 6G experimental satellite, which aims to verify terahertz (THz) communications technology in space. These innovations place China at the forefront of space communications exploration and development.


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