Has Sol Perez dropped out of the program? Clear explanation of panelists


Meanwhile, the then journalist America TV consulted directly with san perez If perhaps he would have taken longer than allowed, or perhaps if he had forgotten to notify production. But the brunette was awesome. “I don’t understand! We said it in the air before I left. El Polo asked me ‘how long are you going’ and I said ‘a month’. If I leave on Monday the 4th, then a month Count. It’s not so difficult, or if?”Dazed by the situation.

and then he added that “It’s easy to say vandalism, to invent, to play with someone’s work and I don’t think so… because there you are, playing with my work and I don’t think that’s a very good subject.”, clarifying the false rumors of his departure from the magazine of the channel Solcito. In the end, Chicken Alvarez Commented: “We attach great importance to Sol, we always love him”, then joking by consulting the chronicler of the intruders “Don’t you have an additional panelist there?”, Everything got cleared.

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Sol Perez’s boyfriend asks her to marry him in a paradisiacal destination

After many twists and turns, san perez announced in late July that she was marrying her partner, a fitness world entrepreneur, Guido Mazonic, panelists us morning She shared a video on her Instagram account of the moment her boyfriend made her a formal proposal.


Sol Perez With Her Boyfriend Guido Mazzoni On Vacation In Europe.  There He Asked Ghora To Marry Him.

Sol Perez with her boyfriend Guido Mazzoni on vacation in Europe. There he asked Ghora to marry him.

Everything happened in Capri, one of the destinations chosen by him to enjoy a few days of love and relaxation. While they were on a boat trip in the Mediterranean Sea, the physical instructor asked Devi if she wanted to be his wife. Sol was posing for a photo, but apparently- didn’t know the phone was filming. At the same time, Guido pulled out a box with an engagement ring. Immediately, they melted into a gentle embrace.

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“We got married! I’m dying happily. I love you, my love”wrote ex Wedett in the description of the publication on his Instagram account, where he received hundreds of comments from his friends.

“I love you so much! Bravo”Express mariano idica, “Oh how cute!”He added ploughed, “Oh yeah… I’m dying of love”where did it go Cande Ruggeri, “encourage!”I wish you floor vigna, “What a beautiful moment! Congratulations!”shrink Abel Guerrero,


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