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Hasta la vista, estilo de vid millennial

Have a year, while staying in a work route in Los Angeles, pay an Uber to get there in time. I know I have a large tray, so I have an army of value to unpack between 60 and 70 dollars.

In addition, the application established a price that I would like to pay: 16 dollars.

The experiences of this type are common during the era of the Millennial Vida Style Subsidy, the number that I like during the period from 2012 to early 2020, when many of the diary activities of veterinarians and trainers of the great cities eran cubiertas sin darnos account of the Silicon Valley risk capitalists.

For years, these subsidies will allow us to live in the Balenciaga area with Banana Republic residents. In a collective manner, there are millions of Uber and Lyft travel routes that we translate as real burgundy while dividing the account with the inversionists of their companies. Llevamos’ n MoviePass a la bancarrota at the top of all the balloons to see all the movies that we charge $ 9.95 to me and we have lots of spinning classes sponsored by ClassPass forzada a chancellor with an unlimited plan of 99 dollars per month. We take cements of the carcasses of emerging comedy companies — Maple, Sprig, SpoonRocket, Munchery — with only accepting their gourmet comic book offers.

The investment investors of these companies do not intend to finance our decade. Solo querían darles tracción a sus empresas empreses, las cuales necesitaban atraer clients fast – to establish a dominant position in the market, eliminate the competence and justify its stratospheric valuations. For this reason, it is effective with these companies and, on the other hand, it has been used by users for artificially low prices and generous incentives.

Now, users are aware of the first time — it is due to the disappearance of subsidies or only for an increase in the demand for pandemic — of which high-quality homes in reality have high prices.

“Hey, my Uber from Midtown to JFK Airport cost me the same as my JFK flight to San Francisco”, tuiteó hacks poco Sunny Madra, a vice president of Ford’s venture capital incubator, along with a cover capture of a receipt that must have cost 250 dollars in an airport trip.

“Airbnb is the most damn cream for its dads,” he said. quejó otra usuaria de Twitter. Nadie was going to pay 500 dollars to stay in an apartment during two days if she could pay 300 dollars to stay in a hotel with swimming pool, accommodation service, free breakfast and free diarrhea. Abran los ojos. LOL “.

Some of these companies are now learning the belt. Without embarrassment, the pandemic seems to have taken place in the canasta of the offers. Uber’s Lyft travel deal costs 40 more than a year ago, according to Rakuten Intelligence, and food delivery applications like DoorDash and Grubhub han increased its constant way tariffs a lo largo del último año. In the first quarter of 2021, the diary rate promoted an furniture and rent from Airbnb increased by 35 per cent, and comparison with the same quarter of the previous year, according to financial documents of the company.

Part of what happens is that, in line with the demand for these services, companies that only have to compete with customers are already supporting a superiority of them. Uber and Lyft have serious problems with the collection of drivers and Airbnb rates reflect a lack in the demand for changing destinations and a selection of available places.

In the past, companies have been offering promotions or incentives to prevent customers from receiving the impact of the price and preferring another service. But now there are living subsidies for the revenue — for example, Uber created a fund of “estimates for the buyers” of $ 250 million — or eliminating it for completion.

I confess that for years we have been very fond of being part of this subsidized economy (die manera onvergeetlike, my colleague Kara Swisher called it a phenomenon “asylum for millennials”). Washio me llevaba la ropa de la lavandería, Homejoy me limpiaba la casa y el valet de Luxe me estacionaba el auto: todas esas empresas empreses prometían servicios por baratos barutos y revolutionaryos, pero cerraron porque no fueron profitable. Including a car used by the middle of an emerging company replenished with huge capital called Beepi, the cual offered a first-rate service, mysteriously low prices and drove the car into a giant giant, as seen in television commercials ( as you would hope, Beepi cerró of 2017, after spending 150 million dollars in risk capital).

These subsidies do not always end for the inversionists. Some companies with risk capital adequacy, such as Uber and DoorDash, have been able to increase their initial public offerings, while completing their promise that inversion investors will pay back their money. Other companies have side quests or they have been able to increase their prices with their customers.

Uber, claiming that it raised 20,000 million dollars in venture capital before entering the public markets, is the most famous example of a subsidized service for investors. During part of 2015, the company had $ 1 million in it week incentives for drivers and passengers only in San Francisco, by arrangement with a BuzzFeed News report.

For example, the clearest inflection point for profitability could be the bargaining power of electric scooters.

Do you remember the scouts? In anticipation of the pandemic, no podiums will be erected on the grounds of the principal cities of the United States. Part of the reason why we despair so quickly is that it is ridiculously cheap. Bird, the emerging largest scout company, costs $ 1 to cover a trip and a deposit of 15 cents per minute. For short journeys, rent an escrow and drive more often than empty the bus.

Without embarrassment, these rates are not representative of the cost of a Bird journey. The scouts are composed of money and need constant replacements; in addition, the business is dilapidating money to maintain the service on the market. Until 2019, Bird will be losing $ 9.66 for every $ 10 it spends on travel, following a Recent Inversionist Presentation. This figure is impressive and the type of lost property that is possible only for an emerging Silicon Valley business with extremely patient inversions (imagine a sandwich and salad bar that covers 10 dollars or a sandwich with ingredients that cost 19.66 dollars and costs imagine what time it will be to open the restaurant).

The losses related to the pandemic, together with the pressure to generate gains, obligated to Bird aorrorr. Increasing its prices – in some cities, a Bird flight now costs 1 dollar more than 42 cents a minute -, makes more expensive scooters and remodels its flotilla management system. During the second half of 2020, the company will make $ 1.43 per 10-dollar trip.

It’s an urban millennium that enjoys a good offer, and as its future — and it is with frequency — lament the disappearance of its subsidies. And it’s frustrating to hear about people who find out more offers than you do (as a classic of the genre Ranjan Roy’s essay “DoorDash and Pizza Arbitrage”, Regarding the era in which Roy was concerned that DoorDash was selling restaurant pizzas for $ 16 per person, the fee was $ 24 per pizza at the restaurant, as the restaurant procedure was to pay for restaurant pizzas while away. embolsaba 8 dollars of difference).

Sondeverbod, is the different critic in these inversionists to make sure that his companies generate ganancias. In addition, at a more generalized level, there are many things we can use that are more capital-efficient than those that are located in urban areas.

In 2018, it was announced that the economy was establishing itself with the need to move to MoviePass, the irresistible subscription service and no profitable offer of daily ballot papers for a fine registration of $ 9.95 berei voor camino par su declive. I think that companies like MoviePass would like to challenge the standards of pregnancy with commercial models that suppose that, if it were a huge scale, I could force an interrupter and start making money and some moment (in the circles of the technology sector, what are my inventions Amazon, now is known como flash scale).

There is sobriety irrationality in the market and some emerging companies are becoming increasingly expensive in the field of Christmas shopping. Without embarrassment, when these maduran companies, parecen discover the benefits of the financial discipline. Uber lost with only 108 million dollars in the first quarter of 2021: a change that could be attributed to the sale of its autonomous vehicle division and a major increase, even if it was not created, in comparison with the same quarter of the past year, with a loss of 3000 million dollars. Like Uber as Lyft he promised to be profitable this year on an adjusted basis. Kalk, die vernaamste competency of Bird in electric scooters, generated its first quarterly gain over the past year and Bird, which has recently presented its documentation to enter public markets through a Company Acquisition Law SPAC, for its sailing in English) at a valuation of 2300 million dollars, has projected a greater profitability in the years to come.

By supuesto that the ganancias are good for the inversionists. Although there are only two free subsidies for our extravagance, there is also a sense of justice. Get a private chauffeur to live by Los Angeles during peak hours deberia cost more than 16 dollars, if all in this transaction receive a fair compensation. Whoever licks the house, makes the rope or lifts the price deberia be a lie, if no hooi explosion involucrada. However, some high-end gamma services are not equipped with such facilities for the semi-elderly person to have a pre-occupancy visit, but this is a sign of progress.

Kevin Roose is a technology columnist and author of Futureproof: 9 rules for people in the era of automation. @kevinroose Facebook

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