“He caught me on a bad day”: Martin Galvez apologizes to Vidal after calling her “spicy” and “rude”


These days, Martín “Tincho” Gálvez, a historian at the University of Chile in the 80s, is in the midst of controversy after launching harsh epithets against Arturo Vidal, who made fun of a small piece during his welcome in Colo Colo. The non-existent Romantic Traveler Stadium.

The former footballer did not take King’s laughter kindly and commented: “I don’t care what a spicy guy like Vidal says. U is the most beloved team in the country (…) U represents the most important university in the country. There are many academicians and intellectuals who are from the U.S. Let’s follow.”

But Tincho didn’t stop there and he also ignored the La Roja midfielder’s studies. “I don’t care what a vulgar man like Vidal says, I doubt he has finished the fourth part. I also suspect that many people helped him get third and fourth. It’s not at the level of the University of Chile, where we are people of a different race and another level,” said the U historian.

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He had to apologize

However, after his words were severely criticized, Martin Galvez lost his temper and had to come out and give an explanation. In addition to apologizing to Vidal, the former midfielder also sent cordial words to Cacique Bar.

“I had a really bad day. “I owe Arturo Vidal my public apology for the terrible reaction I had to an unusual joke that caught me on a bad day,” Gálvez told Bolavip.

The former football player concluded, “Finally, I apologize to the white people for their unfair treatment of the national idol of Chilean football.”


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