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He filmed as Marty McFly for six weeks, but was dropped: Eric Stoltz, the protagonist of Back to the Future who was not

Teenager Marty McFly is a friend of the Doctor, a scientist everyone thinks is insane. When the Doctor builds a time travel machine, an accidental mistake sends Marty to 1955. (Universal Pictures)

It is common to hear stories of “what didn’t”: from the actor who rejected the film who later became successful, or the opposite case, the man who went to the casting with his friend and that day lost his life forever. Changed. It is also common for directors and producers to discuss and place their bets on who they want in the lead role. The differences ended when filming began. Or at least it usually is.

If there is a job that marked the career of Michael Foxit is without a doubt Back to the Future (1985, 1989 and 1990) Today, it seems no one else could fly Marty Mack. However, the young man who was part of the cast of the sitcom in the mid-1980s family relations Came in half way through filming. Yes, as a joke of the time machine used in the fiction, the actor appeared on the scene six weeks after the project began. till that momentEric Stoltz He was filming the leading man. The reason for your dismissal? “He took his role very seriously.”

Eric Stoltz In One Of The Scenes Shot For Back To The Future With Christopher Lloyd (Netflix Capture)

Eric Stoltz in one of the scenes shot for Back to the Future with Christopher Lloyd (Netflix capture)

Fox was not given the schedule and the production company had to make the film, they didn’t have time to wait for the agenda of the young man who was taking his first steps in the medium but who predicted a great future, went blank, so they opened casting, according to the documentary Netflix movies that shaped us, Universal executive Sidney Sheinberg was amazed by Stoltz’s role In Mask And that’s why I wanted him for this new role. to such an extent that he was convinced that he had challenged the director Robert Zemeckis and producer and screenwriter Bob Gale: “If he doesn’t do it right, you put on another actor and start the movie all over again.”

This was when he got to work and with a very different outfit from what he wore in the final version (when he decided to add a red vest that contrasted with the past in which the character travels), the above actor put himself in the place of Dear Marty. Weeks passed, but there was something that did not reassure the artistic team. “He took his role very theatrically and believed the film was really a tragedy, not a comedy.”, Gail said of the artist. It lacked that witty, bubbly wink and teen flirtation that Fox eventually gave it and that gave McFly a life of its own beyond film, marking a style that eighties kids wanted to follow.

Photo In Which Marty Mcfly And His Brothers, Played By Eric Stoltz, Disappear As The Protagonist Travels To The Past (Netflix Capture)

Photo in which Marty McFly and his brothers, played by Eric Stoltz, disappear as the protagonist travels to the past (Netflix Capture)

“He took it like he really went back in time and it was scary and nervous”Dean Kadney, director of photography on the said documentary, said. The shots piled up, but they didn’t work out, and it seemed crazy to replace an actor in the middle of a shoot. but The director and his team (which included none other than Steven Spielberg) took Sheaberg’s words at face value and called for a change in leadership.

However once the filming phase had begun (in terms of money and time) they took a lot of risk by removing an actor and something like this is not common.He decided to do it and he moved heaven and earth so that Fox could embody the character that is lovable, funny, and eloquent (or perhaps those characteristics were taken for granted by him). It was a gamble… and it worked.

The change of actors meant that shooting times had to be expedited, with Stoltz recovering the six weeks lost, but it also brought with it a change of main character’s partner, as The actress Melora Hardin originally cast in the role was too long to be Fox’s girlfriend. This was when the producers were called Claudia Wells To step into Jennifer’s shoes.

With the release date approaching the filmmakers’ heads, many scenes performed by Stoltz were never reshot, But only the new hero was shot separately and the pictures were pasted… the magic of cinema!, Also, since during the day I recorded family relations, Fox could only film at night. Clearly it would have been of great help to him to go back six weeks and use Doc Brown’s (Christopher Lloyd) DeLorean to compensate for his time.

Although he is remembered as “an actor who wasn’t Marty McFly”, the 61-year-old has more than 40 films to his name, including Pulp Fiction, Little Women, Jerry Maguire and Anaconda, among others. Also in 1985, before Back to the Future was called, he was nominated for Golden Globe for my work in Mask.

Eric Stoltz (Getty Images)

Eric Stoltz (Getty Images)

His last film as an actor was his smell with Elisabeth Moss and Cara Delevingne, but since 2000 they decided to turn to directing, producing, among other things, several chapters of the series Law and order. Once when he was asked which is his favorite film, he said: “Usually, The last one I do, like I’m cutting right now. Because I dream about it, and I breathe it … it’s like falling in love, it’s a sense of emotion and challenge.”

In the same interview to the exclusive US site moviehole He also talked about his time return to the future: “You know, it was twenty years ago and I rarely, if ever, look back, I think going through that difficult period helped me realize how liberating it really was.”

Over the years, he knew how to take advantage of his departure from the project to focus on other things: “I went back to acting school, I moved to Europe, I did some plays in New York and I really invested … in a way that was very healthy for me.”

Eric Stoltz In One Of The Scenes Shot For Back To The Future (Captured From Netflix)

Eric Stoltz in one of the scenes shot for Back to the Future (captured from Netflix)

Furthermore, he confessed that he believed “I wouldn’t have entered therapy” if he had become a big star, although he even dared to joke: “On the other hand, I would have been extremely wealthy, which would have been wonderful!”, He gave this note 16 years earlier, before being released on Blu Ray with four unreleased illustrations from the film trilogy. Until then, his videos in the role of Marty had never been seen and he confessed that “It will be interesting to see.”

film success zemeckis This was immediate and the first installment was followed by two more (1989 and 1990), with the Marty that everyone knows. The question will always remain whether Back to the Future would have been what it would have been without Michelle Fox or it would have been the one who made it a movie classic. No one, not even Eric himself, would know until he took the DeLorean and went back to 1985 to shoot.

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