He gave up millions to make his dream come true


Rodolfo Pizarro arrived at AEK Athens in July of this year, and in the short time he was with the club he did not gain as much prominence as he did. Orbelín Pineda. However, the technician Matías Almeyda, who knew them well, considered Pizarro’s criticism unfair.

The Argentine strategist pointed out that the Mexican is still in the process of adaptation and it is not easy to adjust to the change. In addition, he emphasized that he is grateful that he chose to emigrate Europe, instead of staying on MLS earn millions of dollars.

“He has to be patient, because I know what he can give and he has what it takes to complete his dream in Europe. He gave up millions to make his dream come true. It’s true and it’s something which I appreciate. When he started he had minor injuries and in a few months, if he needs to be ready, he will be,” Almeyda declared before the match against Brighton on Europa League.

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In that sense, he insisted that he would always defend his players and considered it unfair to criticize Pizarro. “Maybe he needs a little time to fully adapt, but that is normal when he changes countries and leagues. I defend my players and he is a player who resists journalists.”

“I like him the way he is, because the only thing that matters to him is football. I know that in the end I like him. I appreciate that he is not interested in money, in a materialistic time,” added of the strategist about Pizarro, who has played 437 minutes in 11 games so far.

On the other hand, he explained that he will try to manage the wear and tear of Orbelin Pineda because it comes from playing on Mexican team and he didn’t have much rest. “I feel that years have passed without rest. I have used him in many positions, but I know that at some point this body will not last. I tried to manage his way of training, in a few games I eliminated him.”

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“We did everything possible to protect him. I took care of him for the national team, I raised him in the performance, he was chosen as the best player last season, and I think there were some games, which were not very important. , so he can travel and maybe have a chance to rest. But Orbelin is happy. Orbelin was in Europe before arriving, so he got the time to adapt he needed in Spain, “concluded the strategist.