He has traveled to the United States several times and reveals three questions he always asks when entering the country

Traveling to the United States is always a coin toss, because you never know what will happen when you arrive with immigration officials. A woman wanted to save her TikTok followers from the fatigue of being confined to a North American country and He told of his experience that he has accumulated on all the occasions where he has traveled, He assured that they always asked him the same questions, so he provided a guide.

,I’ve been to the United States more than 30 times and have been asked these questions when I arrived”, read the description of the video posted by him. There he briefly described what his journeys were like and listed three major questions for a traveler. In addition, he gave some details of what he answered and answered user questions.

According to a tiktoker, three questions they always ask while traveling to the US

Through @viaja_con_pri account, Woman specified that it is very important to always tell the truth, otherwise the visa may be revoked. These are the questions he listed:

TikTok’s virtual community It didn’t take long for this woman’s clip to reveal itself, which accumulates just over 10,000 replicas. Most questioned him about the answers, because at first he elaborated the questions thoroughly, but he did not specify what would be ideal to answer in a migration.

,And how much cash is it recommended to say?”, asked one user, to which he replied: “Whatever you carry and it must be less than 10,000″. Although it was not very clear whether he was referring to the dollar amount or other types of Latin American pesos, the amount pertains to the North American currency.

To round out that response, another user entered the comments section, who assured that it is better to leave the savings at home: “It’s Not Normal to Carry Lots of Cash, Better Credit Cards,

On the other hand, the two men insisted that what he was saying was not entirely true, as they had entered the United States without questioning. “The last one (about what you do in your native country) was never asked in 15 visits, but well”,It’s relative, on several occasions I’ve entered and they don’t even ask me names But in any case it is always better to answer with truth”, he left her.

The difference of opinion about entering a North American country showed that each case is different And that the obligations are not the same for citizens of all countries, but they may be consulted for one thing or another depending on the place from which they go.

The important thing, and that TikToker has made it very clear, is that you always have to answer without lies and be transparent so that there is no problem. In addition, there are specialties, as some may be in a different position because of their criminal record.


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