He hit such a bold ball on the very first ball that the batsman got confused

raj-limbani under 19 world cup

Bloemfontein: India’s excellent performance continues in the ICC Under-19 World Cup. In this tournament being played in South Africa on Tuesday, India defeated New Zealand by 214 runs in the Super-6 match. Young India’s strength was visible with both ball and bat. Left arm spinner Soumya Pandey took four wickets and Musheer took two wickets with his left arm spin. Apart from this, the name of another bowler who started the fall of Kiwi wickets is also being discussed a lot. And the discussion is more about his works than his name. That fast bowler is Raj Limbani. Limbani’s swing bowling gave two blows to New Zealand in the very first over. And then he could not recover from these shocks.

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Before this, India first made a big score of 295 runs and then bowled out New Zealand for just 81 runs. Musheer Khan scored an excellent century with the bat and then the bowlers did not allow the Kiwi batsmen to stay on the crease.

ICC Under-19 World Cup: Musheer’s century helps India defeat New Zealand by 214 runs

How did Raj Limbani take wickets?

Tom Jones and James Nelson reached the crease to start the innings for the New Zealand team. Limbani, a resident of Vadodara, handled Team India’s attack with the new ball. He bowled Jones on the very first ball. This ball of Limbani was pitched on a good length and then came in rapidly. This New Zealand batsman could neither understand the line of the ball nor guess the length correctly. His steps did not even move and the ball hit the wicket.

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Then Snehit Reddy also became the victim of Raj Limbani.

On the fifth ball of his very first over, he showed Snehit Reddy the way to the pavilion. Reddy would also become a victim on the first ball. He left the ball on good length. The ball came in after hitting good length and Reddy left it. The ball hit the pad and a strong appeal was rejected by the umpire. After that Limbani took out two balls. Here Reddy, who had scored a century against Nepal in the tournament, was trapped in the net. After taking out two consecutive balls, the next ball came in. This ball, after eating full length and tappa, came towards the batsman with speed. Reddy tried to flick it but the ball hit his pad. This time the umpire did not delay in raising his finger. Two New Zealand batsmen had already returned to the pavilion without opening their account in the first over.

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Limbani has taken a total of four wickets in this tournament so far. Even if he doesn’t take wickets, he keeps the batsman tied. His economy rate in the tournament is 2.95. That means other bowlers also get the benefit of his tight bowling.