He returns to his home country to visit his grandparents and breaks down in tears for being too late.

He returns to his home country to visit his grandparents and breaks down in tears for being too late.

To make a better future, there are many families that have been torn apart as some have decided to leave home on the foreign side, Always give the best to your loved ones with a wish to one day return with success behind your back; However, the passage of time often does not forgive, let alone wait, as in the following viral story.

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After 26 years of travel in the United States, a man returns to his hometown of Tecalitlan, Jalisco in Mexico, with the desire to visit his grandparents and tell them about his adventures away from family; However, upon returning home after many years, he discovered a sad truth.

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In a video shared on his TikTok profile, ‘@angel_alcant’ describes a childhood moment he enjoyed with his grandparents during a visit home. It had apparently been abandoned for many years, as it was also uninhabited.

“After 26 years you can return to visit my grandparents”The title Ángel in its video clip, while Ranchera ‘A Million Springs’ played by Vicente Fernández can be heard in the background. “I called out his name and he didn’t answer me. I don’t think he’s here, I’m late.” He adds in his voice, making the moment all the more emotional.

her grandparents were already resting

Later, in another video, he confirmed to his followers that his grandparents had been dead for many years, so he did not hesitate to visit them at their grave, where he wanted to dedicate some short but important words to them.

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“It wasn’t the long hug I wanted. I met him at his new home, a place you wouldn’t want to go, the temple of the gods. What I got was a cold hug. One of those that freezes your soul and heart. But I know that now they take care of me from heaven ”, He said very upset.


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