He sentenced Cardiff to pay for Emiliano Sala’s Nantes Pass, but he refused: “We will not make any payments”.

Emiliano Sala was introduced as a new signing for Cardiff CityEmiliano Sala was introduced as a new signing for Cardiff City

While the trial continues against those responsible for the flight that took emiliano sala And arriving on the English Channel, the two clubs involved in the event also maintained a contention that an offer was made by TAS in the final hours: Cardiff City will have to pay Nantes 6 million euros as part of a deal to sign the Argentine striker.,

The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS), based in Lausanne (Switzerland), announced in the past few hours that it had “dismissed the appeal filed by Cardiff City.” “Considering all the evidence and all the arguments presented by both the clubs, CAS acknowledges that the player’s transfer from FC Nantes to Cardiff City FC has been completed, and because the conditions set out in the transfer agreement were met prior to the player’s death, FC Nantes’ claim for the first tranche of the transfer fee was estimated at 6 million euros”, he reported.

However, the issue is not closed as the Welsh entity issued a statement warning TAS. with “disappointed” and made it clear that they would not comply with the resolution: “It does not address the important question of the responsibility of FC Nantes (and its agents) for the accident, which will therefore have to be settled in another forum. Once the club The lawyers of the We hope to appeal and we will not make any payments to FC Nantes in the meantime, If those appeals fail and the club must pay the transfer fee, the club will take legal action against those responsible for the accident for damages to compensate for their loss. This will include FC Nantes and their agents.”

The transaction was agreed in January 2019, when the entity which was then a member of the English Premier League, decided to make a record disbursement around 17 million euros To achieve the record of 28-year-old Argentine striker. A few days later, as Sala was traveling to join his new teammates, the private plane carrying him crashed over the English Channel: the footballer and pilot died.

“CAS has fully dismissed the appeal filed by Cardiff City and confirmed the decision issued by FIFA on 25 September 2019 regarding the transfer of player Emiliano Sala. The court therefore ruled, as FC Nantes argued from the start of the proceedings, that the player’s transfer to Cardiff City was terminated when he tragically died in a plane crash., As a result, the CAS ordered Cardiff City to pay the transfer fee to FC Nantes and sentenced Cardiff to a historically high amount in relation to procedural and arbitration costs,” the French institution said during the last hours after the publication of the TAS. Reported.

“FC Nantes are pleased that this process, initiated by Cardiff City and then delayed several times by Cardiff City, which has been difficult for those close to Emiliano, has finally come to an end. The club hopes that It marks the end of a public disinformation campaign, to which FCN has never responded, out of respect for the player’s family.

It should be noted that this CAS resolution marks only one percent of the 17 million euros: in September 2019, FIFA had already reached the same conclusion, but Cardiff decided to appeal.

“The TAS procedure refers only to the first tranche of transfer fees amounting to €6 million of the total transfer fee of €17 million. Other deadlines were not required at the time of the process prior to FIFA’s examples., The CAS panel also confirmed that it was not for FIFA to enter Cardiff City’s claim that it should not pay FC Nantes any transfer fees, as FC Nantes could be responsible for the player’s death. .

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