He spent almost 2,000 euros to build a Gaming PC and can only play at 6 fps

 He spent almost 2,000 euros to build a Gaming PC and can only play at 6 fps.  The problem?  Incorrectly reading the instructions during assembly

For many gamers, building their first gaming PC is an unforgettable moment. Although not everyone has the skills of Henry Cavill, the star of Superman and The Witcher, who paralyzed the internet by building his computer, the truth is that this technological ritual is very unusual for many gamers. But the truth is that a mistake may cause a series of failures that prevent you from taking advantage of the equipment’s capabilities. And, if not, tell the protagonist of today’s story.

In a Reddit post, one user shared a particular milestone with the rest of the community: build your first gaming PC. As he revealed, he invested 1,800 euros to create this equipment because it chose to use parts such as a 4.2 GHz AMD Ryzen 7 8000X3D and a 16 GB Radeon RX 7800 XT. So, apparently, the assembly went on without a problem, and he was able to build his equipment without any problems. But, unfortunately for him, when push came to shove, he encountered a most unfortunate situation: I can only play at 6 fps.

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The problem is with the protective cover of the Gaming PC

As a result of this situation, he decided to find the problem himself and discovered that the motherboard has an integrated graphics unit. So, he interacted with this piece to try to solve the error, but he encountered a worse situation, because the monitor stopped showing images. So, finding himself desperate, he decided to share his situation with the rest of the Reddit community. And, seeing the photo, many immediately found the problem: protective caps.

As instructed, he forgot to remove the protective caps from the GPU connections. In this way, he removed it and connected his monitor to these connections following the advice of other users of the platform. By doing this, he found that his Gaming PC was working as expected and he could play games. more than 6 fps, a ridiculous frames per second rate. So, luckily for the protagonist of this story, the wisdom of the Reddit community helped him solve the problem quickly.

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