He started doing radio at 18, became a creator of new projects and is now the creative mind behind Olga

Lucas Fridman es el director creativo de Olga, el nuevo éxito en el streaming.

You seem to have great team building skills, what do you look for when setting up a table, even behind the camera? What do you think?

Now that is very intuitive. I don’t know, I tried to balance the forces a little. Theoretically speaking, if there is a driver profile, more journalistic, well, I will put someone who will break his balls a little, someone else who will complement him in another aspect. It’s like trying to balance forces. Don’t let “combine three delusions”, because you already know that you can’t stop the car. Something also happened to us in the Últimos cartridges, where people told us: “Why do you include columnists and sections? We want to listen to you…”. And yes, that’s fine, but if you’re with me every day, in a moment you’ll be exhausted. So, it is about dosing forces and balancing, we are already in a lot of trouble, now let’s slow down a little so that the fooling has meaning, otherwise, it will be the same. After all, I try to make them good people, which is also the key for me.

And after reaching the interview with Messi, what piece do you feel you got?

Nothing. None in the sense that life goes on, I don’t know, it flowed a lot for me. Knowing him is a flash overall. It’s like a dream in my brain. For me it is very difficult to absorb, especially if you meet him once and then he will not appear in your life. I’ve been working with Migue for a long time, we’re surfing things at this time, and it’s like a little bit of a climb in things that when the day comes it’s like: “Crazy, look where we are, look where we got to.” It filled me with emotion. Messi’s note is a new phenomenon, but the crazy thing is that the man says: “Yes, come on, I’ll do it.”

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Have you ever felt “what now”?

Yes, it occurs to me in terms of journalistic note. It doesn’t happen to me in professional terms, because my goal is not to do journalism or sports journalism. My goals are more about art projects. So, in fact, my goal now is that Olga continues to grow, so that we are better known, to see how to reach new audiences, to see what the next artistic challenge is. That being said, I’m kind of a machine, I don’t stop much, I’m more of a “go, go, go.” Otherwise, you’ll go crazy.

In Soñé que volaba they talk a lot about Olga’s culture. Did they find it or did they know from the beginning what they wanted to convey?

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No, we knew that before, yes or yes. When putting together a project, I often think “what is the cloud of concepts around this?” And I write ideas – like music, art, interviews, freedom, risk, adrenaline, professionalism, quality – in post-it format or tags or hashtags, and they are discussed by everyone. For example, one of the things that we also proposed in the concept of that roadmap is the possibility to move from fiction to reality and not live in tupperware. For me it is important, because when I was more stupid it was not so important. But now that I’m a little older and I care about reality and where we live and the things that happen on the planet, it’s like: “Hey, I’m interested if Olga isn’t a bubble.” That it is anchored in reality, not all the time, is not a journalistic thing, but it is. So, those are the terms and conditions of the project. I don’t know what people think about Olga, but I feel that everything we planned and worked to achieve is seen on the other side: “Ah, yes, yes, they work, they don’t live in a tupperware, they. take risks, they try things.” I think all that has been achieved. We are all very connected, and we are masters, mainly because we like it and because it is true.

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I watched all the streaming you did with Pau, your boyfriend. I love her naturalness, what made you fall in love with her?

Unbelievable. He dedicated himself to something else, he was an environmentalist. It’s a different story but hey, it’s very cute. However, I think there is an unconsciousness there, that we are at home, in a streaming. He is very funny. I love everything, you see that everything is a combo, it’s like a package, but it’s his sensitivity, above all, he’s very intelligent, thoughtful. He is very nice to me, I like to chat with him, he has a beautiful head and is very loving. There is also a very nice game, where I can be me, which is sometimes very difficult to achieve. Feeling good is a nice relief, not a swollen relief, but a relief where you say “I can be here and be happy, and this person will come to be with me.” And it’s like everything, because I found in my house and with it a kind of refuge, where I can connect with other things, at other times, it brings me to the ground a little and for me that’s beautiful. In addition, it also rejuvenated me to return to work stronger. Very complementary. I’m crazy.