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He traveled to Canada to work for 3 months on a cherry farm: “You live the rest of the year very well”

Mexican Walter Enquiso told his experience in the network. “It’s hard but it’s worth it.”

Walter Enkiso He needed a change in his life, leaving his native Queretaro (Mexico) aside to take some time to distance himself and so he took a ticket to Canada, took some of his savings and Got on the plane to Vancouver.

I was looking for new experiences, Meet people and completely change your routine. He arrived as a tourist, which allowed him 90 days to stay in the country. He spent the first few weeks visiting the seaside town, Until it was time to look for income.

He boarded a bus and left for Osoyos, from there he traveled to his final destination: Oliver. A small rural town with a population of 5 thousand, known as wine capital in Canada. His adventure started in that small place, Tedious but profitable in the world of agriculture.

You Take Between 125 And 150 Dollars A Day&Quot;,

You take in between $125 and $150 a day.”

“It’s a lot of work but really worth itIt’s a job that involves a lot of physical resistance,” he explained, referring to his job in recent months: harvesting cherries in a field.

a hard job that pays a lot

This is a business for many immigrants who come almost covertly from different parts of the planet, To get the money that allows them to live the rest of the year comfortably which they could not get otherwise. At best, without working until next year.

However, all that freedom and financial freedom comes at a cost. This is what Walter told, who in a series of TikTok videos He elaborated on his experience picking cherries in Canada.

&Quot;I Wake Up At 12 In The Night And The Day Starts From 1 In The Morning Till Noon&Quot;,

“I wake up at 12 in the night and the day starts from 1 in the morning till noon.”

“You have to fill boxes of 20 or 25 pounds (9 to 11 kg) and with that you take in between $125 and $150 a day., Someone more experienced gets double or tripled than me, who has come first”, remarked the young man.

What are the requirements to do that job? No age, experience or work permit is required, as the harvest season remains the same as a tourist visa. The great filter is the tolerance you have for physical exertion.

“The thing is, 3 or 4 months is a lot of hard work., You have to make an effort and spend as little as possibleSo that when you come back to your country you have the most money.”Described the young man in a Tiktok video.

&Quot;We All Live Like This, There Are 3 Months Of This Life And Then Spend 9 Months In Mexico With All The Comforts&Quot;,

“We all live like this, there are 3 months of this life and then 9 months in Mexico with all the comforts.”

The offer is tempting, but also demanding because you have to save as much as possible: “Those of us who come to work live in tents inside the fields, What is spent the most is on food: about $150 a week, this can be more or less depending on how much you want to spend. If you cook it goes down a lot, maybe 100 a week.”

work hours? “I wake up at 12 in the night and the day starts at 1 in the morning, until noon. One has to sleep at 4 in the evening to rest well, because it is a heavy task.”

Walter assures that life is not easy to endure: “The psychologist affects a lot. It can be difficult to sleep in a tent because it is very hot, no air conditioning and In the afternoon the temperature can go up to 40 degreesthis is complex”.

&Quot;It Can Be Difficult To Sleep In A Tent Because It Is Very Hot&Quot;,

“It can be difficult to sleep in a tent because it’s so hot.”

,we all live like this There are 3 months of this life and then 9 months in Mexico with all the comforts. there are people who have 15 years working and living than this And the routine is always the same: work here and then move to a cheaper part of the world. Many go straight to Cancun.”

How he managed to work on a farm in Canada without permission

In addition to documents required by Canada, Walter recommends going with a minimum of 500 Canadian dollars every 7 days. An amount to live by the time it takes to work a farm, is the most complicated part of this whole journey.

Walter Enciso Assures That The Harvest Season &Quot;Great Experience&Quot;,

Walter Enciso assures that the harvest season is “a wonderful experience.”

“The hardest thing is to find the farm, it is convenient to contact via Facebook in advance,” recommended the young man. He also noted: “In migration you have to wear nice clothes and don’t have work-related stuff on your cell phone. You should present yourself as a tourist.”

Shortly after ending his experience in Canada, Walter assured that “it’s a great experience”, but he doesn’t plan to return: “For me it’s just that, the experience. I have something very important to return to Mexico.”

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