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He was a finalist on Big Brother, but ran away from fame and discovered his true passion: “I’ve never felt the middle part”.

more than ten years ago, Gisele Marchik She went from being a simple twentysomething to one of the most famous people in Argentina. Nicknamed “Chizo”, she carved a niche for herself within national show business after entering elder brother (Telefe) and stay indoors until the long-awaited final, which could have won the prize A trip to Barbados, a motorcycle and a check for $382,857.

Although she didn’t think too much about fame when she signed up for the reality show, her eyes were not on the raised well either. Actually, his goal was easy. Eager to find the contact that will lead her to take her acting career to a professional level, Seeing Competition as a Great Opportunity,

Spoiler alert: You didn’t find what you were looking for. Leaving home, she found a reality she had never imagined. In conversation with LA NACION, he described the television environment—the one he wanted to live in— As frivolous, lascivious and extremely violent towards women. Furthermore, he talked about his new life and his passion for music.

After a year involved in show business and fed up with headlines that focused only on her body, infamous sheet casting and feeling too young to fully immerse herself in that kind of life, she made a decision. Took as much as was necessary: She packed her bags, grabbed her savings and went to tour the continent as a backpacker.

Gisele and her partner form the duo artemisa, a musical and artistic group with which they travel the world.
Gisele and her partner form the duo Artemisa, a musical and artistic group with which they travel the world.Courtesy of Gisele Marchik

His journey taught him more than he ever imagined. She managed to reconnect with her femininity, away from the not-so-typical revision of fame, she learned the value of barter, she met love and rebuilt her life as a nomadic artist. set in Switzerland for a few months while she gives her concerts Artemis Duo -Band he formed with his partner Lucas Marqueso-, looks at the past and remembers some important moments that took him far away from his origin.

Gisele was 22 years old when, inspired by her desire to become an actress, she was encouraged to sign up for one of the most popular reality shows and not only did she enter, but she also became one of the audience’s favorites. Became.

“Inside the house I remember it as a long graduation journey. it was very nice, They had a mentality of almost adolescence and a lot of sports, little awareness of cameras or what they would say,” he recalled in conversation with La Nacine, while the internet struggled to keep up with the call between Switzerland and Buenos Aires. was doing.

Gisele marchi was a part of the 2011 edition of big brother
Gisele Marchi was a part of the 2011 edition of Big Brother

As per his own experience the problem was never within the program but started later. Leaving home, he clashed face-to-face with an industry, though it shone in front of the cameras, when they were locked in, he didn’t hesitate to show off his sharp teeth.

“One of the downsides was realizing that Medium can be very frivolous and there is a lot of competition within the television medium. That was something else that I didn’t like and an environment where I didn’t feel a part,” he explained. And he continued: “The most intense thing for me was that women stay in the middle. You not to mention the little soreness that lastsIndiscriminate competition among women”.

From the perspective of today’s audience, much of the content that aired in the early 2000s is completely unacceptable. You elder brother It has many of the features that would earn the program the title of “cancellable” today. The objectification and hypersexualization of the participants are, perhaps, the ones that top the list.

Gisel "chizo" marchi leaves big brother fame behind to pursue music
Gisele “Chizo” Marchi leaves Big Brother fame behind to pursue musicCourtesy of Gisele Marchik

Driven by the curiosity of viewers accustomed to depicting women as simple objects of desire, The media was full of headlines focused on celebrities’ bodies and their intimate lives. The subjects of interest were if they increased their bust, if they were seen in intimate situations or if they posed naked for this or that magazine.

And that was just the tip of the iceberg, Behind the scenes, the pressure exerted to perform sexual favors or participate in the famous “casting sheets” was the order of the day. Unfortunately, Marchi was not kept out of this destructive trend.

“We were super objectified, we would not have had a job if we had not agreed to have sexual work with the producers. It is not necessary to name, nor do I remember what these people were called. I don’t even know what position he will hold in any media today nor am I interested, but it’s true what happened and what happened You were dropped from the job of a panelist, as a note and it is very sad”They told.

Gisel "chizo" marchi left the media world behind
Gisele “Chizo” Marchi leaves the media world behindCourtesy of Gisele Marchik

The worst part, perhaps, was the feeling that they had no support, that things worked out that way and that if they didn’t like it, they had to leave. Impotence and the anger of not being able to defend myself were (or are) an inherent aspect of being a woman and being in show business. However, times change. Slow, but they change. and finally the context was given so that he and many others could talk about their experience and that, At that point, he had no choice but to keep to himself.,

In his travels, gisele discovered the so-called music
In his travels, Gisele discovered the so-called musicCourtesy of Gisele Marchik

“For us (he and the other participants) elder brothero) I don’t know how many years passed by ‘Ni una menos’ or ‘Look how we walk’ until we felt that we had the right context to be able to speak and that we could also understand That it was time to express what we live. Obviously not only did I feel this was wrong, but today society gives me a hand to make me realize that no longer has to happen, no one is to lose the opportunity by not reaching the masculine and perverted circuit.”, he emphasized the medium, with anger already less strong but always present.

The discomfort created by the atmosphere of entertainment mixed with the typical existential crises of twenty years prompted him to make the decision Start the journey as a backpacker without any defined course.

With bright eyes reflecting on the memory of the beginning of his journey, he said: “Inside of me I felt that there was something I was not solving. So there I went on a two-year journey alone around the continent and found meaning in what I wanted to offer the world. And this was art.

Gisele on the beaches of cozumel mexico in 2021
Gisele on the beaches of Cozumel Mexico in 2021Courtesy of Gisele Marchik

The backpacking life opened his eyes to a new reality and he never felt like looking back for what was left of the past. tasted freedom And also admitted that true salvation came when he stole all the money he had taken for the trip during his time in Peru.

With the loss of that support network, she was forced to leave her comfort zone and reevaluate not only money but also community ties and the support of those she met along the way. “As a tourist you take money and you see everything as if you are on a safari. But, when you go to the same social reality that others are living and you work with them, you move into their schedule and work environment, you experience the culture in a different way”, he reflected did.

The native people in particular gave him another lesson which, after his experiences in Argentina, left a deep impression on him. Acquainted with ancient ceremonies and customs, she opened her eyes to a new understanding of what it was like to be a woman. And he was able to put into words issues that, nine years ago, were not as openly debated as they are today.

The former younger sister is currently temporarily established in switzerland.
The former younger sister is currently temporarily established in Switzerland.Courtesy of Gisele Marchik

“I was able to meet women who might not have waxed from women of all different bodies and beautiful looks. Understand what the true essence of women is and what society tells us to be. It was a very important journey, simply, with indigenous communities, to reconnect with who I am. Because I have nothing to do outside and rediscover my femininity from a very sacred place. Respect my body as a temple in all its aspects,” he said briefly.

Giselle is like this today "chizo" big brother march
Big Brother’s Gisele “Chizo” Marchi Looks Like This Today

Music was a great way to process everything I’ve gone through and, especially this experience, He narrated it in his song “La Danja Alunada”. Where he put into words what he had learned with a fusion reggae rhythm.

Transformed into a completely different person from the one who left Buenos Aires and escaped from the clutches of the media, met Gisele Lucas, another person who had given himself in the life of the traveler. Not only was love born between them, but a beautiful project that slowly grew without making much noise, until it became the giant it is today.

Gisele and lucas in new york in 2018
Gisele and Lucas in New York in 2018Courtesy of Gisele Marchik

Artemis Duo a lot of things and try To define it is to limit it, It’s Gisele and Lucas, but it’s also a Joker show –zamba and caramba– One who travels the world to bring joy to children regardless of language barriers. It is also music that reflects everything he has learned in his journey and is alternative medicine. This is spirituality and it is community support, there are courses for those with fewer resources and even classes inside prisons for the “forgotten”.

“There wasn’t much money to pay in Latin America so we did most things for free. The money we earned working with Music was invested in going deeper into giving solidarity workshops, offering free activities in communities. Sometimes there were schools without teachers and we started teaching reading and writing. We also spent time with the kids, because sometimes the kids don’t have anyone to stay with them because their parents are working in the fields,” Gisele said.

Gisele and lucas travel the world with their music as duo artemisa
Gisele and Lucas travel the world with their music as duo ArtemisaCourtesy of Gisele Marchik

For eight years, he did almost ant work, as is not the case with any media or any Instagram story. Now they look at its fruit with great pride. Artemis Duo They have published several songs, tour around the world, a series of shows that will bring them back to Argentina at the end of 2022 and they will also release their debut album for Boys. zamba and caramba show -His Joker-inspired alter ego – will have songs in Spanish and French.

Duo artemisa will return to argentina at the end of 2022 with a series of shows
Duo Artemisa will return to Argentina at the end of 2022 with a series of showsCourtesy of Gisele Marchik

Gisele Marchi’s Journey Was Like a Roller Coaster And it will certainly keep the same momentum in the future, because the only certainty in its way of speaking is that there isn’t one. There are many such experiences in his story, which may seem unbelievable, but are part of the same person. There are no morals or conclusions, just realizing that maybe you don’t need to accept things as they are, but run away, pack your bags and leave, question them or just encourage yourself to do something different .

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