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He was left without eyebrows: for a challenge the young man removed his makeup in front of his lover; the man left her

Social networks have the power to transport images to many corners of the planet that were previously impossible to find. Recently a video went viral on Facebook in which you can see how a girl who was chatting with her partner accepts the challenge of removing her makeup.

It was the man who encouraged the girl the most to remove her makeup and then leave him. Photo: Facebook Lupita Anaya. – photo: Photo: Facebook Lupita Anaya.

The incident apparently takes place in Mexico, where the man recording the video approaches the embracing couple and offers the woman to remove her makeup for $1,000 Mexican, i.e. about $53, but the woman thought it was It was too little.

Girl Removes Her Makeup And Is Left Without A Boyfriend - Facebook Lupita Anaya
Girl removes her makeup and is left without a boyfriend – Facebook Lupita Anaya – photo: Facebook Lupita Anaya

In view of this, the producer of the material offers her a thousand more pesos, which is more or less 53 dollars, before which she accepts the challenge, since the woman who recorded it has not stopped doing it.

Provides you with Cleansing Wet Wipes to remove makeup from your face. The girl wore a lot of makeup, especially her eyes, and they looked blue, so the content creator He asked her if she wore contact lenses or pupils, as it is called in that area of ​​the continent, to which the young woman replied that she was not wearing glasses.

Meanwhile, the man accompanying her was hopeful about what his partner would look like (whom they had been dating for two weeks, according to both). The man was insistent that he had never seen her without makeup.

Girl Removes Her Makeup And Is Left Without A Boyfriend - Facebook Lupita Anaya
Girl removes her makeup and is left without a boyfriend – Facebook Lupita Anaya – photo: Facebook Lupita Anaya

Meanwhile, the young woman begins to remove her eyelashes, while the man shows surprise on his face, although he tries to hide it, however, he sees how his partner is removing the shadow from her eyelashes, and meditates. Lets see who records when he asked her to tidy up her eyebrows too.

Girl Removes Her Makeup And Is Left Without A Boyfriend - Facebook Lupita Anaya
Girl removes her makeup and is left without a boyfriend – Facebook Lupita Anaya – photo: Facebook Lupita Anaya

The woman goes further, and it is notorious that she only had half her eyebrows and the rest were painted on. The man could not tolerate it and quickly left the place without saying anything or making any noise. When the woman had finished wiping her face, she asked where the subject was, but when the camera looked from both sides, it was impossible to find it, as there was no trace of it.

“Oh, don’t stain, don’t tell me it’s gone. Did he leave me because I took off my makeup? … Don’t go too far… I already knew”, she replied. Expresses that he has completed the cleaning of his eyes. The Influencer replied: “You see mate, challenge completed.” The girl raised her hand and said: “And the new virgin”, but she could not hide how sad she felt.

Now The Woman Has Two Thousand Mexican Pesos And A New Chance At Love.  Photo: Facebook Lupita Anaya.
Now the woman has two thousand Mexican pesos and a new chance at love. Photo: Facebook Lupita Anaya. – photo: Photo: Facebook Lupita Anaya.

The person making the recording identified herself as Lupita Anaya, and after paying her, she said she didn’t want to feel guilty about ending their relationship. The video has been viewed over 32 million times on Facebook, with thousands of comments, among other reactions.

Young did not want to kiss her husband during their marriage; that was the reason

Moments that are transcendental in some people’s lives are now compiled not only in traditional photo albums, but also in the memory of those who see them. Technological devices are added to the second option to store different phases such as fifteenth birthday, university graduation, pregnancy and even marriage.

The Episode Evoked Laughter Among The Couple'S Parents And Other Witnesses.
The episode evoked laughter among the couple’s parents and other witnesses. – photo: TikTok @madimelendez

In connection with this last example, it became a trend on social networks for a woman to doubt when the time has come to kiss her husband in full marriage. The girl, who goes by the name Maddie Melendez on TikTok, found it difficult to seal the bond and went the new way with her partner with that gesture and; As in other cases, everything was recorded on video.

The reason for his indecision was confirmed by the girlfriend herself, who attributed her “sadness” to the fact that both parents were witnesses to the bond. The clip, which has a duration of no more than 40 seconds, begins with thunderous applause before one of the most anticipated moments (regardless of whether the wedding is civil or in a church). The boyfriend took the initiative, but his now-wife’s reaction made even the judge laugh.

“My dad is there (…)”, was Melendez’s response after she could not maintain control and while her father was recording her, which increased her nerves. “Cover your eyes,” he added before finally kissing and embracing his romantic partner. The man who presided over the union was “disappointed” and even said that this was not a typical emotion of the newlyweds.

A Civil Marriage Became A Trend Because Of The Way One Of The Most Anticipated Moments Unfolded.
A civil marriage became a trend because of the way one of the most anticipated moments unfolded. – photo: TikTok @madimelendez

Some netizens shared the unusual reaction, while others assured that they would support the wedding if they receive a similar ‘snip’. In less than a week after its publication, the episode received over 16 million views and over 21,000 comments.

The Girl Finally Gave The Fleeting Braid To Her New Husband.  Photo: Tik Tok @Madimelendez.
The girl finally gave the fleeting braid to her new husband. Photo: Tik Tok @madimelendez. – photo: Photo: Tik Tok @madimelendez.

“I see in the comments that many will act like this; And instead I want to sign the divorce, because of this”, “I don’t blame him because it clearly could be me”, “I’ll be there when I get married one day”, “My fiancé, 7 Years together and he doesn’t kiss me in front of my parents”, “I don’t even let him hug me in front of my dad very lovingly”, “I can’t stop looking at them. They are very cute, God bless them.

Sensing the wave of comments, the woman released a second video in which she explained in more detail the way she acted in front of the almost inevitable moment at the wedding, saying it is one of the most anticipated of these types of events.

The Girl'S Husband Justified His Reaction.
The girl’s husband justified his reaction. – photo: TikTok @madimelendez

In her later response, Melendez reiterated that her reaction was the product of grief for those close to her present and acknowledged that she had expected to hug her husband earlier. In the same clip, the man explained what his thoughts were about what happened and to which he said that not everything in life was going according to plan.

“I love María José more than whether she kissed me or not, I know her heart and I believe that this is something that can happen to us at any time. It is not about her in particular ( …)It’s about us that we just got married. I think patience and tolerance are being lost a lot. You too may fail at some point,” said his partner.

Maddy'S Husband Forgives Her And Is Happy To Marry Her.  Photo: Tik Tok @Madymelendez.
Maddy’s husband forgives her and is happy to marry her. Photo: Tik Tok @madymelendez. – photo: Photo: Tik Tok @madymelendez.

“I think patience and love are linked and that not everything is good or not everything is ideal because if we go in with the mindset that everything is going to be perfect (…), things are going to go nowhere. Has been,” he said. Added.

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