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Health and Technology: What scientific investigations are students now studying?

Health and technology are increasingly linked. Current scientific progress would be impossible without technology. The world does not stop moving forward in all aspects and technology is becoming more important. This is why there are careers such as biotechnology or nanomedicine, which attempt to unite the two fields. Throughout this article we will talk about the most recent advances in these areas and how important it is that they are studied in institutions and universities.

Biotechnology and Nanomedicine

These two areas of study attempt to link technology with life and health. The latest research in the field of medicine requires the implementation of technology and that is why these areas of study have been developed. Professionals in these fields know the theory of medicine or biology as well as know how to use technology to provide solutions to problems in these fields.

Biotechnology is a branch of study in charge of studying how to manipulate living cells to achieve desired results. This can be applied in many cases, from the development of transgenic foods to the treatment of cancer. For example, you could read an essay on childhood obesity and biotechnology, so that you can see the number of applications in the field of health that this branch of study has. On the other hand, nanomedicine is nothing more than a field dedicated to applying nanotechnology for the treatment and diagnosis of diseases. Nanotechnology, as its name suggests, is technology of “nano” size, that is, at the level of atoms or molecules.

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latest developments

As mentioned in the title of the article, we are going to talk about the latest advances in these new areas of study:

  • New genome editing techniques have recently been developed, which will make it possible to treat genetic diseases from other perspectives. If it is tested in humans and shown to work, it could mean a before and after for science and for the history of mankind.
  • COVID-19 Cure: Biotechnologists are responsible for developing all vaccines against COVID-19. It is true that the disease has not yet disappeared, in fact it is believed that it is impossible. But gradually vaccines have become more effective, reaching a state where the virus hardly affects those who have been vaccinated.
  • Harvard University has developed a hydrogel that is capable of delivering drugs to the heart to treat heart failure. According to statistics, cardiovascular problems are the main cause of death in the world and therefore a lot of efforts are being made to find a solution. Thanks to nanotechnology, a group of Harvard researchers have been able to encapsulate drugs and direct them to the heart.
  • Some nanodevices that can be sent inside the body have been developed by a doctor at Iran’s Northern Tehran University. These nano devices would be applied in many fields of study: tissue engineering, isolating cancer cells and even the elimination of cells rejected by the body. These devices are already in an advanced research stage, as they have already been tested on living organisms. The researcher grew a human ear using stem cells and then implanted it on the back of a mouse. Using these nano devices, the rejected cells were removed and separated from the donated organ and, as the researcher predicted, the ear continued to grow on the animal’s back. The moment it applies to humans, medicine will change completely. Organ rejection problems will be solved and new organs can also be developed using stem cells and 3D printers and later implanted in humans. This will be a complete revolution of science.


Every day new discoveries are made and new things are discovered in the fields of biotechnology and nanomedicine. The world’s best researchers are devoting their efforts and huge amounts of money from states to be able to move forward as quickly as possible, as it clearly affects people’s lives. Many of the advances we mentioned will have to wait until they are tested in humans, but it starts for a reason. Slowly we are discovering and developing more incredible technologies and there is no doubt that in future, life will be completely different than it is today.


Robert Griffith has always received special praise for the great work he has done for researchers and society. Griffith believes that they are people whose work is undervalued and should be treated and paid according to what they do so that life on the planet is better.

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