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“Health is a balance of body, mind and emotions”

“Health is a balance of body, mind and emotions” CANCELLED

After working as a nurse for eight years in different services (traumatology, urology, anesthesia or operating room among many others) and in Germany, Spain and Equatorial Guinea, this woman of Badajoz was traveling as an educational nurse for a health product company. they were trained throughout Spain in various towns and cities. Finally, she decided to take up her role as a nurse specializing in holistic nutrition and women’s health.

María Solano from Badajoz wished to consult and support the welfare of women

Why are you pursuing a career in healthcare?

A desire to help.

Did you always know you wanted to be a nurse?

No. At first I wanted to study medicine, but I didn’t get in, so in the end I chose Nursing. I realized when I did my internship the first year that this was really what I was looking for and not medicine. I wanted to be at the sick bed, so that I could listen to him and listen to him, and these gifts allowed me to be sick.

What led you to want to approach your profession more fully?

Understanding health is not just a state of physical well-being, but rather a combination of physical, mental and emotional well-being, and in turn, all these parts are interconnected. We can take great care of our body, but if our emotions or part of our mind is not taken care of, there will be disparity and this will cause disease.

You are a nurse, experienced in naturopathy, natural nutrition and women’s health. How do you explain all this so we can understand it better?

We help women achieve better health and wellness through conscious changes in diet and lifestyle with a holistic approach. Understanding any process of change needs to integrate the physical, mental and emotional levels.

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Everyone believes that they are an active part of the process. How is this idea transmitted to a society that pillages everything that happens to us?

I always give an example: imagine you hit your hand with a hammer and as a result your hand hurts. You have several solutions. First, take the board and hold the hitting hand. Eventually, it may happen that you need to take several tablets each day, because one tablet no longer has any effect. The second option will be more natural to accept and put on a glove to protect your hand, but this glove will eventually break down because you keep hitting your hand, and then you would have pain again. What do you think would be the best solution? Stop hitting your right hand? However, the responsibility of stopping your hand is entirely up to you, and sometimes, I kid you not, it is the hard way. But without a doubt, taking care of your kidneys and being active in your health is a very useful and long-lasting process.

What type of people do you usually come to for help?

Women of different ages who have female pathology such as menstrual pain, endometriosis, polycystic ovary syndrome, hypothalamic amenorrhea, premenstrual syndrome etc. Women who have digestive problems (bloating, gas, poor digestion …) and women who want to have more energy, lose weight in a healthy way without diet and/or improve pathologies such as hypertension, cholesterol and/or diabetes.

Do you think the training and habits we practice in our lives can either improve or even change our health?

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Absolutely. We believe that when a health problem is caused in large part by our genetics. However, genetics may play only a 5-15% role in the occurrence of the disease. The other 85-95% depends on epigenetics. This means that our lifestyle (diet, rest, exercise, contact with nature, exposure to toxins, etc.) can interfere with and change our genes. And as you can see, this last percentage is quite high.

How did you get to where you are now?

without advice or warning. I never thought I would end up with women’s health plans. In 2015 I was diagnosed with endometriosis, a chronic disease that causes a lot of pain. The only solution they gave me was to take contraceptive pills to ease my pain, in addition to several tablets of ANODYNON. I refused to accept the solutions proposed to me, knowing that if I gave my body the tools it needed, I could do incredible things. So I studied for a diploma in Naturopathy, specializing in natural and holistic nutrition, I experienced everything I was studying in myself. I went from excruciating pain, which made my day impossible, to a good quality of life without the need for analgesia. When I understood more and more how our body works, I understood that our intestines are connected to the brain through the vagus nerve, so that we also eat our emotions and from there, I tried to focus more deeply on my other reasons; of health People asked me how I improved so much and I told them, and so I thought, why not share my knowledge? From there the Holistic health plan was born.

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