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“Health is not just about the absence of disease, but about physical and mental well-being”

In the first turn, Chilik explained what the function of mater cell And what services does it provide: “We are a family bank of umbilical cord stem cells. The first in the country and Latin America, which was established in 2003. The umbilical cord has a very rich source of stem cells capable of offering therapeutic responses that were unknown until then . Today, 18 years later, we have over 40,000 inseminations and have helped over 20 families find therapeutic options with stem cells from umbilical cords.

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“Wellness is closely linked to health, but also to other issues such as food, lifestyle,” Lombardo said.

Analyzing the acceptance of this type of practice, Chilick said: “In Argentina, 99% of the placenta is discarded. There are different options with family defenders, such as matersel, that benefit the family itself. There is a lack of awareness of this possibility in Argentina. In other countries, such as the US, 5% to 10% of fathers decide to save stem cells from the umbilical cord. And why is explained by economic context, rather than because Also the ability to project for a long period is very low. When we talk about this decision, we think about the next thirty or forty years in their children’s lives and health conditions., We think of it as a metaphor for seat belts: enjoying the ride with your kids and enjoying the journey, knowing you have a device that can help you in the future. ,

for its part, allende iriarte He mentioned the presence of the Osade group.,This is a special year for the organization, as it turns 50. It was consolidated on the basis of proximity of people. and the ability to adapt to change. The company is in great shape and with 6,400 employees and 37 subsidiaries nationwide, we have a very solid structure to support 2,200,000 associates. Too, It was in these 50 years with the development of the concept of health: it is no longer about the absence of disease, but about physical and mental well-being. Make the person feel healthy. But it requires activity: healthy habits and behaviors. We aim very strongly at this definition and the paradigm of deriving sustainability from the various pillars.

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“It was with the development of the concept of health in these 50 years: it is no longer about the absence of disease, but about physical and mental well-being. This makes a person feel healthy,” said Allende Iriarte.

“This year is also important because the Osday Foundation turns 30 and is in charge of health prevention: cardiopulmonary resuscitation, we have 42,000 people trained; and we have another proposal called The Art of Caring , which creates a curriculum for people looking after adults and children. It benefits those who didn’t have jobs to join the workforce. We are seeing that life expectancy is getting longer and caregivers are needed. ,

for its part, defranchise Explained: “I think it’s good to differentiate between different areas or settings of the health system. The patient doesn’t need to understand the differences, but there are many actors in healthcare who have different roles. And among them they have to negotiate: there is a field of knowledge; Laboratories that create new technologies to take it to the service sector is where we are. The person or organization that provides that service to the patient. And then there’s the financing or paying party. The one who receives the service does not pay for that service, it is paid for by third parties”.

“The Favaloro Foundation was founded in 1975 by René Favaloro. The University Hospital has been operating since 1992 and is dedicated to the care of highly complex patients with complex heart disease, patients in need of a transplant. These are our strengths, but many Specialties are served. And also, along with prevention, programs were designed for early detection of various diseases so that the patient does not have to undergo heart surgery if it can be avoided”, DiFranchi said.

,It is important to do these interventions when they are proven and effective. This is a very important area of ​​medicine that speaks on the basis of scientific evidence so that these interventions have future consequences on the health of the individual.”, elaborated the director of the Favaloro Foundation.



“I feel like it’s good to differentiate between different areas or environments of the health system. The patient doesn’t have to understand the differences, but there are many actors in healthcare who have different roles,” DiFranchi analyzed.

Meanwhile, explaining the role of the Sancor Group, Lombardo Explained,Sancor Salud is one of the most important prepaid pharmaceutical companies in the country. This is on the side of Financier, a company that originated in the interior of the country, unlike most prepaid pharmaceutical companies. Sancor Salud was born in the hinterland of Santa Fe and Cordoba, and from there it grew throughout the country. In the last two years, it has grown by about 40% and this is related to the strategy of listening and understanding the needs of the people and providing services to meet those needs. Health is closely related to health, but also to other issues like diet, lifestyle,

“There are many ideas about welfare, which are related to the prevention of serious diseases, but there are other important aspects as well. It is a group that is ready to provide quality service to people in the most important moments of their lives. Following that line, it allowed this exponential growth over the past two years”, Lombardo said.

Logically, the pandemic was a break for the way health sector companies operate. The need to adapt quickly, from different areas, had a common denominator.

“MaterCell experienced a number of edges. There was a decline in birth rates globally. Also, an important article recently came out that the average age is going from 30 years to 40 years of age to have a child. But There was a greater awareness of deeper issues like our own mortality. And it made us aware of prevention as a family strategy and the decision to invest in prevention is more present in families,” Chilick said in this regard, “as well as the use of stem cells in various fields. And it also raised a more extreme, more volatile, uncertain and unclear scenario. In view of this, we reaffirm our purpose as a company: why we are in Argentina as the family bank of stem cells from the umbilical cord. This was the purpose he gave us in the face of this volatile scenario.”

Referring to the level of awareness generated by the pandemic among patients and company personnel, Allende Iriarte said: ,This affected the entire organization, but especially emergency medical management. But, as if we anticipated the future, Osday had been working with online medical consultations since 2016 and 2017. This has allowed us to have 900,000 online medical consultations and 500,000 COVID follow-up cases today. We digitize all means of meditation. We create a virtual GP image. It stems from the need that the patient does not want me to go home: it bursts rapidly. Today we have a score rate of 85% with 5 stars. TookThe speed and urgency with which the doctor communicates, resolves the case, was the key to the digital prescription. We aim for this digital transformation and the result is paying off. We take great pride in how we made ourselves available,

“Also, we managed to provide assistance not only to our allies, but also to those in remote places who had no control. That’s why The pandemic took over the world and we provided a team of 400 doctors who helped those in need”, added Allende Iriarte.

“We also ventured into telepsychiatry with great success. As was done during the pandemic, through virtual channels, we continue down this line with very good acceptance by the channels. These changes are here to stay. What we have to do now is to order the concept and the design”, the Osday manager emphasized.

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“In other countries, such as the United States, 5% to 10% of fathers decide to save stem cells from the umbilical cord. And the reason for this is explained by economic context, but also because there is little potential in the long run. Project. When we talk about this decision, you think about the next 30 or 40 years in your children’s lives and health conditions,” Chilick said.

Meanwhile, on how the pandemic affected the operations of the Favaloro Foundation, DiFranchi said: ,The Favaloro Foundation was the one that received many of the patients. The Favaloro Foundation specializes in highly complex operations and transplants. So, at first it was difficult for us to think that we might get a large number of Covid patients. But because of our structure, it would be difficult in the hospital to think that we were going to occupy a therapy with covid patients, because if there was a lung transplant patient we couldn’t put him next to an infected one.,

“We had to split up our operation and create a way to receive COVID patients but at the same time not address patients with pathologies like coronary disease or oncology. They are not pathologies that can wait, because in two months it will get much worse. We were trying to communicate all the time that we had to keep doing these things,” DiFranchi said.

,I think a technical takeoff was happening in terms of telemedicine and they had to accelerate in record time. Our great strength was over 300 service points for 700,000 associates across the country. And suddenly, all 2,100 workers went home overnight. It was a big challenge for us. It was a moment of crisis and the worry of a colleague not being able to provide this service: 70% were treated at meditation centres, and today it is on the other side. To gain access to some authority or study, we developed these digital channels and suddenly it exploded. We were running after that kind of services.” Lombardo,

,The state also helped, in what was a very important moment of expression, being made more resilient to being able to access drugs, from digital prescriptions, to mental health issues, to a lot of issues that needed a very important expression. was thanked for. We all understood that we were facing a very important external situation. How to take care of a colleague from the personal part, beyond the medical. In addition to the development of all digital channels. also provide labor flexibility for employees”, concluded Lombardo.

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