Health Ministry balances outbreak of respiratory infections

Health Ministry balances outbreak of respiratory infections

The first day of epidemiological investigation by a public health surveillance team of the District Health Secretariat at the General José María Córdova Military Cadet School on the respiratory outbreak and mortality due to SARI (severe acute respiratory infection) has concluded, the findings are as follows:

  • A SARI outbreak was established, possibly caused by influenza, with 268 people exposed: 103 symptomatic, of whom 99 are in stable clinical condition, located in observation areas.
  • 2 people are admitted to general hospital, 1 is in intermediate ICU and an 18-year-old youth died.
  • Clinical autopsy of the young man who died on February 3 will be done at the Central Military Hospital.
  • The District Health Secretariat has indicated quarantine from 5 to 14 February for those who came in contact with this infection.
  • Multidisciplinary teams were available to actively search for cases and exclude other possible respiratory symptoms.
  • Field epidemiological investigation continues awaiting new results.
  • The Ministry of Health regrets the death of the 18-year-old young man, a student of the General José María Córdova Military Cadet School, and recommends that all families in the academic community, in the event of any respiratory symptoms, be immediately informed. Director of Military School or call 123.
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Check out this post from the Health Secretary, Gerson Bermont, where he provides the latest assessment of this respiratory outbreak:


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