Health reform: Quebec is ready to extend the parliamentary session

Health reform: Quebec is ready to extend the parliamentary session

Elected officials may work overtime next week to adopt Minister Christian Dubé’s landmark health reform.

Legault’s government accepted the outstretched hand of the Liberals and said it was ready to extend the parliamentary session to continue the detailed study of Bill 15.

Ministers Simon Jolin-Barrette and Christian Dubé made the announcement before entering the room.

This means that the elected officials will continue to sit in the parliamentary committee on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

The adoption will then take place on Thursday. So the National Assembly should remember the chamber to adopt the bill, but “there is no question of time,” said Mr. Jolin-Barrette.

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Normally, the parliamentary session should end this Friday, December 8.

The opposition parties have not expressed their agreement at the time of writing. An agreement is required to extend the session.

Important reform

Bill 15 provides for the creation of a new agency, Santé Québec, which will be the sole employer of the health network. This includes combining multiple union certifications.

Minister Dubé wants to use the reform before the holidays, to start its implementation at the beginning of next year.

“Our network needs a big change, a big change. Spend three more days next week to negotiate, I agree to that,” commented Christian Dubé.

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Bill 15 has nearly 1,200 articles and Minister Dubé has presented hundreds of amendments on the way to change it.

Elected officials have sat for 227 hours, during 43 sessions.

“This is the bill that has been debated the longest in the last 20 years,” stated Minister Jolin-Barrette.

More details will follow.

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